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Haru Was Cucked By Persona 5
By WakeUpSnooze • 7 months ago

Thankfully, some cosplayers depicted what actually should of went down after Haru joined the group. But why am I talking about this? Why because it’s Haru’s birthday of course! And what better present to give than talking about my feelings on why Haru got screwed over by the game. I mean seriously, in a game where Ann exists, your waifu answers out of the main group should only include Futaba, Makoto, and Haru.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Makoto. Queen is a queen after all. However, my problem with her was that Makoto’s social link was very underwhelming in my opinion. A lot of the early ranks focused on her friend’s issue more than her own, and it didn’t really feel like you helped much with her resolution of becoming a police commissioner. It felt more like something she was already close to figuring out and you were just along for the ride. Also, I still remember when I picked a funny joke option as Joker and she shot that shit down faster than a bird in Duck Hunt. Futaba is cool too, but her quirky nature led me to more “little sister” vibes than waifu material. But that’s just a matter of opinion. Hey at least she comes in mid-game though so you can feel her out.

Why not appreciate both?

Haru is the last party member you acquire in the game, therefore she’s already cucked a little by default. This isn’t too much of an issue though, because that really only means she doesn’t have the benefit of the larger amount of screen time that the other characters have to win you over in group hangouts and main story scenes. Luckily, Haru barely has a personality in the main story scenes anyway, so you don’t feel like you've been missing out on “those amazing Haru character interactions”. Where she really shines is the social link.

First of all, she actually likes when you joke around with her and for a guy named Joker I feel that’s pretty important. Second, you see a more interactive side of her than her few lines in the group scenes. She laughs, she gets sad, she gets embarrassed, she gets courageous, you see a wide variety of emotions from her over the course of her story. Third, it feels like she’s actually listening to your advice and trying to overcome her personal problems together with you, compared to sitting back and watching Makoto do it herself. And man oh man, a lot of times when you reject the girls in Persona 5 they’ll say “Oh… that’s probably for the best anyway.” “I understand your decision.” Seems like they take it well. When I rejected her because I was already with Makoto, my girl Haru said “Oh.. that’s okay I guess… I mean that’s okay… I’m fine… I’ll be going now…”. She was the sole girl who felt actually let down when I pressed the reject button. And to this day, I still sometimes regret that decision. Overall I feel like a lot of people missed out on Haru’s true goodness because the main scenes certainly offered no incentive to try and max her link. I know I personally missed out on her true goodness by not realizing it until it was too late.

I couldn’t end this article without some visual reminders as to why Haru is a good waifu choice, so here ya go.

Did you romance Haru in Persona 5? Are you planning on getting Royal? Take my heart in the comments below!