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Doomguy or Doomgal?
By Yung Namahage • 1 week ago • 9 comments

Back in 2016, id Software surprised the world with the fourth Doom. It had all the odds stacked against it: it was a soft reboot of a decades-old series whose last entry was underwhelming, it went through huge changes during its 9 years in development, and it was published by Bethesda. But it turned out to be a refreshing experience that continued to evolve the genre the series defined back in 1993; a cathartic ball of heavy metal-fuelled energy that left the world wanting more. And, seeing as Doom Eternal just dropped, we finally got it! So here's an article I put together so I can post some topical lewds.

The protagonist of Doom, whether you prefer to call him the Doom Slayer, Doom Marine or just Doomguy, has always been the archetypal FPS protagonist: a stoic, buff white guy. Series designer John Romero (who also modelled Doomguy on the iconic OG cover) insists that he was always meant to represent the player as opposed to having a personality of his own, hence why he was never given a name outside of the non-canon spin-off material. Sure, he's always been depicted as a white guy, but it's safe to assume that the majority of gamers blasting demons from his perspective were also white guys, at least back in 1993. In 2020 he's still a white guy but you no longer have that weird face icon looking around at the bottom of the screen. Outside of his manly grunts and third person cutscenes, it's easy to imagine that you're playing as someone else as you rip and tear hell a new asshole. So why not imagine the Doom Marine is actually a chick?

Image result for doomgal

Several artists have been genderbending Doomguy into Doomgal. After all, the bulky armor conceals most of his/her body, you never see them with their visor off in-game, and the masculine grunts can probably be put down to some kind of helmet distortion. Who says women can't be space marines that slay demons for aeons at a time? After all, everyone assumed Samus was a man in the first Metroid, but that game proved that you can hide a lot under a suit of power armor. And if you ask me, this...

Image result for doomgal way more fun to imagine stomping seven shades of shit out of the legions of Hell than this:

Image result for doom face icon

And, of course, rule 63 goes hand-in-hand with rule 34. 

Sometimes it's the demons doing the ripping & tearing:

What about Doomguy x Doomgal?

Lewds aside, have you picked up or are you planning on picking up Doom Eternal? What do you think of Doomgal? Would you prefer playing as her over Doomguy? Sound off below!