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Destroy Enemies And Cunts In Monster Cunt!
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 week ago

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Oi ya cunt, welcome back to the blog. Today I’ve been asked to promote some more news from our partner Erogames. Find some equipment, search for loot, and grab a katana from your collection because it’s time to dive into this hentai RPG and see what it has to offer. The game is free and available for download on Android devices. It was developed by studio Ecchi and has Chinese and English versions. If you want you can check Monster Cunt out for yourself, or keep reading to learn more.

In this game you’ll be following three heroes who don’t even truly know each other as they work toward fighting the darkness. You start by following Madam Reynas as she loses her memory due to a confrontation with a Dark Dragon (the worst kind). She then meets up with Anis and Luke, and as they progress they learn more about each other. Revelations unfold, secrets are revealed, and the plot thickens.

In terms of gameplay, the title hits all of the major mobile game checkboxes. You have an Adventure mode which is split into three subcategories of Stories, Dailies, and Events. Beat stages, collect better gear, and enhance your 6-person team. Properly manage the skills of your hero character to optimize efficiency. Elements play an important role in calculating damage so ensuring your team composition has good coverage and is ready to take some hits from the enemies will be needed for you to succeed. The enemy types are displayed for the stages so you can plan accordingly beforehand. Additionally, there’s your standard PVP and Raid modes to give you some chances to interact with other players. As you complete stages stronger versions of them will become available for those seeking a challenge.

All that’s great, but what about the HENTAI? By playing through the story you’ll unlock scenes with the heroine and restore her memory. Descriptions of the sex are lengthy and I have to say, damn that art is looking pretty clean. I have yet to see a promotional picture of the lewd art that didn’t make me hard. The lewd illustrations are definitely a highlight of the game.

If you’re ready to slay monsters and fuck monster cunts, you can go download Monster Cunt at the price of free. Perhaps this isn’t quite your style, in that case you can go to Erogames and see what other adult content they have to offer. Ready to check it out? Have a question about the game? Avoid the Dark Dragon and leave a comment below!