CHOBIxPHO Putting Video Game Girls in Lewd Situations
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 5 comments


Man, 3D fighting games have some of the hottest female characters out there. Dead or Alive is kill’in it in the SFM NSFW scene and Street Fighter is coming up there (I will never get tired of seeing Juri porn). But it’s kind of sad that you never really get to see any good Tekken SFM out there. Which is a real shame, with Tekken having such an amazing cast of girls, like Asuka, Lili, Eliza, and more. But, CHOBIxPHO is here to fix that Tekken porn itch, and more!


CHOBIxPHO creates 3D images of female characters having sex, with sexy dirty talking text to complement them. The sex can range from rape to femdom to mindbreak, and with him have so many he have already created, you should be able to find something that is of your taste.


He already has some Falke material out there! This guy works fast! I know what I'm going to pick up soon.


I brought up how he gives a lot love to Tekken. Well that might be because he has a lot of love for Asuka, and it shows. He even made it a goal to release Asuka Kazama content monthly! So if you love Asuka as much as CHOBI, this is definitely someone you should follow.

He doesn't need a reason for why he put Asuka in lewd situations. He just does!


CHOBIxPHO focus characters from fighting games, Nintendo, Koei and well…pretty much games with hot girls in them.

We also have two of his works on the site that you can checkout 


With at this point in time having gain $,3,716, if CHOBIxPHO were to reach $4,000 animation would be added to his work. I would be fine with just having still images with adding a female voice actor to voice the lines instead, but to each their own. :/


If you want to support CHOBIxPHO follow his Patreon.

What female game character would you like to see? Who's better Asuka or Juri? Would you like voice over the lines or animation more? Tell us in the comments below.