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Does Catherine Hate Transgenders
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 19 comments


Now I’m in the camp of those who are excited to play the new Catherine: Full Body, since I’ve never played the original and only watched let’s plays of it. But, there are others who aren’t so excited about the new game and all the new things it has to offer, specifically Rin. Now you would think that the people who aren’t excited about it would be the meat head jocks who are like “I don’t want this girl boy in my game. I’m not gay.” But no, instead, it’s the people of the trans community who are having a problem with the new character Rin.

Rin has not been confirmed to be a girl or boy as of yet but with the latest trailer of Vincent looking at Rin’s crotch and being in complete shock, it’s a safe bet to say that we have a trap on our hands, which, Kinky likely.

Now, the person who has the loudest voice on this issue is Laura Kate Dale (you may have heard of her) and this is what she had to say on Twitter.

So, there's a trailer for the Catherine remake, and it looks like the third romance option is going to be a trans woman who Vincent will be horrified about having slept with. URGH, yep, of course this is happening. @LaurakBuzz

urther allussion to Rin being a trans woman with a penis, the teaser site for the game has a huge image of her lifting her dress, fading before you see the crotch. Everything here screams trans woman route. @LaurakBuzz

For those doubting that Rin in Catherine: Full Body will be trans, the official website uses a trans related symbol as the play button for the new trailer. @LaurakBuzz


Now I truly hate when people look at a single picture and not the whole picture. Laura seems to be upset that Vincent is horrified to have slept with Rin, which yes, he is. But it seems that Laura forgot that he was also horrified to have sleep with Catherine.

Why is this okay but not when it's done to Rin?

And even if he is horrified at seeing that Rin has a penis, it's a natural human reaction to act surprised when you see something that you didn’t expect, there’s no need to get your panties all in a bunch over it. If you were expecting to sleep with a man and then find out “Oh you have a pussy!” You’d be surprise too, because it not what you expected. That’s not a bad thing.

I also want to point out again that Rin has not yet been confirmed to be a male or female at this point in time, it’s only speculation. It’s more likely for Rin to be a trap than trans since that archetype or character is more apparent in Japanese media.

But all in all, this is another example of someone being too sensitive and judging something too quickly just because you have some kind of moral problem with it. I also read up on another upset trans blogger site on how Persona 4 ruined Naota by how they didn’t make her...I mean him a trans. Yeah, Naoto is a he now. In all honesty I see some of people issues with things like this as force self-insertion. But hey, I love everyone so I’m good.


And Naoto better not be a trans, she my waifu. So if she was trans that'll make me fucking gay! And I'm not fucking gay! This would be a good time to tell everyone I'm joking. Be it girl or boy, Naoto will always be my waifu. No judgement here.

Do you think Catherine is transphobic? Is Laura right? Is Naoto actually trans? Tell us in the comments below.