Do Nice Guys Finish Last?
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 29 comments

You may have heard the phrase “nice guys finish last”, there’s even a famous Youtube song about it. I haven’t heard that phrase being thrown around in awhile with it being replaced with SJW, cis white males, feminazi, and a slew of other new phrases. But, the phrase  “nice guys finish last” has some truth to it.

Now I consider myself a nice guy, and a lot of people say that if you consider yourself a nice guy then your actual not that nice of a guy, and to that, I say...fuck you! I respect my parents, I respect my friends, and I respect women, how much nicer can I get. But in all realness, it’s kind of hard to tell what the saying is actually trying to apply. I want to believe it means that a nice guy is a guy who is overly obsessive to the point of being creepy or annoying. A guy who always want to be around you, a guy who always compliments you, a guy with no backbone, that’s what I consider to be a bad nice guy. You have to have the right balance of nice guy and jerk. And I’m not talking about like disrespecting you girlfriend, more like playful teasing. Calling her ugly or talking crap about her taste in food. It’s goofy, insult, and banter. How boring would it be if your partner called you cute every single day and enjoyed every single thing you did.

But sadly, the term could also mean just that, “nice guys finish last”. How many times have you see on Twitter or talked to a friend that is a girl and they were like, “there’s no good guys out there. They’re all assholes.” and you just think to yourself, “...I’m right here.” I always just read weird comments from girls like “I’m so happy I’m with XYZ. He respects me for who I am.”, but isn’t that supposed to be normal. Why is this guy getting praised for respecting who you are? Shouldn’t every guy do that? I guess not. But I guess if girls are mostly dating guys who don’t respect who they are, nice guys are finishing last. That’s why one of the best boy’s, Rock Lee, didn’t seem to get any pussy in the end. The most tragic anime ending of all time.

So everyone, learn from this. Don’t be a Rock Lee. Be a Sasuke.

Do you believe the term “nice guys finish last”? Why do it seem like girls date trash guys? Should Rock Lee have gotten a better ending? Tell us in the comments below.