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Cursed Clash Is Even More Cursed Than Expected
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 weeks ago

In Jujutsu Kaisen, cursed energy is dark power used by sorcerers to unleash devastating attacks and techniques in battle. In reality, cursed energy is dark power used by corporations to unleash cursed video games out into the market in the hopes of fooling ignorant anime fans into purchasing garbage. Expectations for the game Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash were already low based on pre-launch footage. The game gave off a watered-down Ninja Storm style with budget graphics and less depth. Arena fighter cash grabs are the name of the game in this industry when it comes to shounen, but even with low expectations, it seems the title was able to go further beyond and still manage to disappoint fans. 

Post launch, the sentiment has been abysmal. Everyone I’ve watched play the game has had a negative review. MoistCritikal was especially critical, saying it was probably too boring for him to complete and thus he didn’t plan to release a full review on it. In general players attacked the horrendously bad “cutscenes” which were just still images ripped from the show with dialogue placed on top, a bland combat system without much room for expression, janky animations, and immediate DLC purchases available. Nobody had much positive to say and judging from the footage I've watched, I can’t come up with anything good either. On Steam the game is down to a “Mixed” score with 57% positive reviews. I had planned to pick up this game even knowing it would be mid to play with a friend, but it’s so bad we canceled that plan. So are we done everyone? Are enough people waking up to how boilerplate and empty most of these arena fighters are to hurt profits enough that this practice will cease or at least slow down? Kami-sama I can only hope.

Corporate announcing the devs have $6 and two weeks to build the game.

It’s crazy how if this game was released by a quality developer like Arc System Works as a real competitive entry similar to Dragon Ball Fighterz, I’d imagine the success and quality to be guaranteed. The IP certainly has enough popularity and has cemented itself as a leader in action thanks to MAPPA’s anime adaptation. The choice to turn it into a battle game was obvious, but apparently the decision to give it proper time and budget for development was not. Were you excited for Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash? Are you tired of sloppy arena fighters like this? Is it time for Bandai to wake up and realize they can’t keep pedaling games of this quality, or will this do good enough on raw popularity alone to warrant more arena shit down the road? Channel your energy, expand your domain, and cast away cursed games in the comments below!