10 Doujins With Charming Gyaru Girls
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(Ikumi Mito from Shokugeki no Soma)


There's few types of girls more wild than the gyaru. They're easily recognized by their wild clothes and tanned skin. Not all tanned girls are gyaru, of course, but girls with a tan are charming and certainly attract attention for all the right reasons. They look more exotic, out of the norm, and with the right clothes, or lack thereof, definitely appealing. To honor these girls, here's a list of 10 of the best doujins where a gyaru tanned girl has all the fun.

1. Lesson for Me! by Okumoto Yuuta

A bright student is tasked by a friendly couple to tutor their daughter, whose grades aren't all that great. After a while, her grades do go up, to barely passing. She tries to reward his efforts on tutoring her with sex, but he rejects her, and says he prefers smarter girls. She feels dejected, and some days later, tries really hard to study, but burns herself out. She explains her reasoning behind her increased effort, her attempts to charm him. This honesty works, and manages to seduce and have sex with him. He later confronts her parents about this betrayal of trust, but they are instead delighted that a brilliant man is going to take care of their less than bright daughter.

2. Banging Gyaru Sluts by Stem

Two gyaru girls, one tanned and one not, ambush a company employee, grabbing his hands and pretending to get molested by him. They coerce him into bringing them to his place, and proceed to tease him for a while, surprised by his natural talent for sex and getting pulled in by him. When they do have sex, they enjoy it as much as him, and decide to stay with him.


3. A Strange Onee-san Shota Relationship by Inariya 

A unicorn boy goes to an all-girl high school in the human world to flirt with virgin maidens. Unforntunately, he runs into a gyaru girl who isn't quite a virgin, and is immediately repulsed by her, so much that he passes out. He wakes up in the school infirmary and finds her there, as she took him there after he passed out. After insulting her non-virgin status and bragging that he's a unicorn, she gets upset and makes her move on him. After nearly getting pulled in by a kiss, and insulting her once more, she gets series and starts to strip them both. He starts to fall with her going down on him, but after nearly getting caught by a virgin maiden, she pulls him into sex. He actually falls into her step and goes along with her willingly. Afterwards, deciding he's going to get exiled for having sex with some girl not a virgin, she invites him to stay with her, as she feels they have great compatibility. 

4. Just Leave The Shota To A Tan Bitch Like Me by hot mikan

A young guy's cousin visits his home for the summer to get extra lessons. When he gets annoyed by her, which in turn annoys her as she's the older one, she decides to give him lessons of her own: sex ed. When she takes off his shorts, she finds that he's packing a bigger tool than most and really gets into it. After one go of it, they're both hooked and have sex at any opportunity, regardless of the place. They use a condom once, and thereafter go without. So of course at the end, she's pregnant and he steps up to take responsibility.


5. Dont Call Me a Midget by Yoshu Ohepe 

A guy is sitting with his step-sisters as he draws something. His younger step-sister makes fun of his artist hobby, but he retorts with his own insult of how immature she is. She counters by trying to flash her panties, but they're not quite mature. Her sister comes to her aid and begins teasing her body, to show the guy how sexy she can be. This works, as her body is more developed than her personality. He gets into it and goes down on her. After she gets off once, she asks him to have sex with her, which he is more than happy to. The older sisters joins them, and it becomes a threesome, with just the two of them at the end.

6. Sassy-Sister Complex! by AXZ

A popular gyaru girl asks her brother, who is already quite smitten with her, to pretend to be her boyfriend to convince her friends and others that she has one. After their awkward first appearance, she drags him to a love hotel and showers, coming out in just a towel. She suggests that they do it, and exposes that she knew he was staring at her. In short order, they have sex, with her revealing that it's her first time. Afterwards, she angrily berates him for not kissing her while they did it, and demands they do it again.


7. Educational Guidance by Suruga Kuroitsu 

A gyaru girl gets fed up with a student council president calling her out for her clothes violating uniform policy. After consulting her fellow gyarus, she sends him a fake love letter to seduce and convince him to leave her clothing choices alone. After failing to convince him the normal way, she pounces onto him and offers to go down on him. She does so and gets him offf, but he turns things on her and teases her as well, with his deal being that she stop being a gyaru. With her own switch flipped, she decides to have sex with him, already impressed with his tool. He turns things around once again, and demands she fix her appearance, which she readily agrees to. The following day, she held up her end of the deal, surprising her gyaru friends, and announced that they're dating.

8. Tsukasa-kun's Busy Day by Chiba Toshirou

A young man works as a school nurse at an all-girl high school. His method of treating the students is a bit more lewd than normal, as he outright has sex with him to mend what ails them. Three of these girls are tanned, and two are actual gyaru. All girls, however, are really sexy. The last one to enter the room is another teacher, and has sex with him without any cover of needing treatment. After they finish, and orgy occurs, with lots of yuri action. At the end, he comments to himself that he worked as hard as he could.

9. Ultra-Girl Came Back by Rakko 

A busty girl returns to her home town to be with her childhood friend. She's trained in various parts of the world for the sole reason of being a bride for this lucky fellow. After some complaints that she's not as cute as she once was, they proceed to have sex on the same spot where they parted ways years ago. After they finish, she decides to go away again to continue training, returning a short while later dressed as a martial artist.

10. Mom & Gyaru by Wamusato Haru

A guy has a specific kink for gyaru girls, perhaps due to his father's own taste in women. When his parents met, she was a gyaru, and toned it all down for her son's sake. Now, years later, she lusts after him, frustrated with his girlfriend's skills as she continuously watches them have sex. One evening, she barges in and scolds the girl, then shows her how it's done. She pulls both into having sex, and slowly teaches her how to get her son off. Eventually, he decides to make both his girlfriend and his mother his wives. His girlfriend has no problem with this, having fallen in love with his mother. As she predicted, she became pregnant with his kid and went back to dressing like a gyaru and continuing the love triangle relationship.

So, what do you think of these lovely ladies with the tan? Did you find a new favorite tag, or did you already like them? Let us know in the comments below.