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Could You Cum To Beautiful Agony?
By WakeUpSnooze • 7 months ago

Okay, so the reason I have Yuno on the cover image is two-fold. For one, beautiful agony sounds like an underground tag that serial killers use to label porn that involves torturing victims. I mean, when Kinky first introduced me to this shit I thought I was about to have to call 911 and alert the authorities that my friend was a psycho. After some explaining and a little research though, I figured out what it’s all about. Beautiful agony is a genre of porn where all you do is look at the person’s face as they cum. Thus, the second reason appears, what face is more iconic than Yuno’s? Boobs may be included in the shot depending on the video, but there are plenty where they’re missing too.

That camera ain't moving either bucko. Not another inch.

Now I must say, if you go as long as I have without a girlfriend then any new sexual experience begins to sound good. If a new study releases tomorrow that informs the general public that rubbing a wallet on your dick will somehow make you cum harder than normal, then your boi is about to be prepping that bitch the night before. Needless to say, after hearing about beautiful agony I immediately was down to try it out and see what happened. My report is as follows: first of all, this is a mood genre. There’s no way this could ever become my main source of material. This is a once a month type of scenario. I certainly managed to pop off, but it took a hot minute. If you need to see genitalia to really get going then this genre seems pretty dead on arrival. I think the main attraction of the idea is that it feels more personal than your average porn video. Usually Big Dick Tommy ruins porn for me, as I hate some guy being on camera. Here it’s just you staring into the eyes of some girl (or guy if you prefer) presumably cumming, though there’s really no way to tell. Now that I think about, it just seems like ahegao with less steps.

Yep, I'm starting to see the resemblance.

Overall my verdict is to give this a shot if you want to take a break from the normal routine shit that you typically get off to. It’s a nice change of pace. Maybe you’ll even make it a main stay in your material rotation, though I honestly don’t see that happening for many people. This truly is the first “niche” porn genre I’ve seen in a long time. Even foot fetishes seem more mainstream.

Will you try watching a beautiful agony video? Do you partake in any niche genres of porn? Stare into my eyes as you type a comment below.