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Butcha U Is Serving Up Some Pipe'in Hot Doujins For Ya
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago • 9 comments

 “Welcome to Pooters! May I take your order?”

“Oh, yes. I’d like an order of the Ass Baby Back Ribs with a side of Tittie Tots. Oh, and I hope I’m not being too greedy, but could I also get an order of Fellatio Fish Sandwich?”

“Well of course sir! Anything for the customer.”


“Would you like something to drink with that?”

“Oh yeah, I’ll like a Squirt Soda please.”

“And did you know that we also have a dessert menu?”

“Oh no I didn’t. Let me check that out. Hm...I’d like to try the Creampie Surprise.”

“Oh excellent choice sir! Would that be all?”

“Yes, that’ll be all.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back with your order. <3”

Just another day at Pooters, the wonderful Hooters-inspired parody world that the great mind of Butcha U has concocted for our horny pleasure.

Butcha U seems to be on the weird and cheeky side of the doujin community, always speaking and describing themselves in weird ways. Butcha U keeps themselves shrouded in mystery, never clearly revealing who they are. On their twitter page, there is a female gender sign in the beginning of their bio, hinting that it may be a girl?! (But let’s all be honest, that’s most likely just a red herring. Though for consistency’s sake, I’ll be referring to Butcha U as a female.) She has stated to be earthborn, so at the very least we know that she’s not an alien. Her favorite games are Resident Evil, Soul Calibur, and Erogra Class B. Her battle power is 7 (like I said, Butcha U enjoys talking nonsense) and is drawing to feed her cat Tel.

 A picture of Butcha U’s pussy.

Butcha U’s works are released under the doujin circle Eroquis. Butcha U does many parody works such as Metroid, DanganRonpa, Space Battleship Yamato 2199, Final Fantasy, and much more. The doujins that might be more of a stand out is her line of work are the ones that involve American superheros such as Power Girl and the X-Men. She has worked on many visual novels, lending them her beautiful artwork. The most noticeable games that Butcha U has worked on would be Jutaijima and Meikoku Gakuen: Jutai-hen, which both received hentai OVA adaptations. She has also released one manga titled The Sex Sweepers. Butcha U’s art focuses on making the women curvy and voluptuously delicious to look at.


Now, it’s finally time to talk about the series that Butcha U’s claim to fame arose from and that’s the Delightfully Fuckable and Unrefined!! This series is truly one of a kind, set in a fictional Hooters named Pooters. Instead of paying for the usual, bland ol’ Hooters wings, Pooters provide sexual favors instead of food. This series has the strength of showcasing a handful of different fetishes and a diverse cast of women to make sure everyone can have it their way. Now that’s what I call good customer service! The series is so beloved that there was a collaboration book where other famous doujin artists put their own artistic flair to the Pooters universe. ShindoL, Meme50, Bang You, and Mizuryu Kei are in this group, just to name a few. Oh, and remember Doxy? (I wrote an article about him. Maybe you should check it out.) Of course you do! Well, he has also made his own ten-page doujin based on the Pooters girls, showing the widespread love for this series. All we need now is a hentai OVA and a real life Pooters somewhere here in America.

This might solidify me as being legit weeaboo trash, but I’ll picture my Pooters girls over the Hooters girls anyday.

Here is a list of manga and games Butcha U has worked on:


The Sex Sweeper


Human Branding - Imprisoned Police-Woman's Dog Rape Training

Impregnation Island - Why Do I Have to Get Inseminated by a Worthless Guy Like You?!

 And since you may be new to the Pooters scene, I’d like to suggest  my top 3 Butcha U doujins that you can find on the menu:

When Cidney from Final Fantasy XV was first shown, alI I thought was, “Man, I wish I could fuck a hot, dirty, oiled-up, country-accented blonde who doubled as a mechanic.” To my surprise, that shit never came true. But luckily for me, I have doujins. Cidney is at the ye ol’ garage, tuning up more than just cars. Every single hole of hers gets some kind of action, and it was a pleasure viewing every second of it.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 doujins are like Love Live and Idolm@ster doujins for me. I’ve never fucking watched any of it, but damn the girls are hot so I’ll jerk it. Within this doujin the crew aboard the Battleship Yamato are stressed and is in need of relief. That’s where the lovely ladies aboard the ship come in handy. This is a two parter: in Comfort Battleship Yamato 2199 you get to have fun with your smart glasses girl and your drunk bubble girl. But if that wasn’t enough, in  Comfort Battleship Yamato 2199 2 you get your dark skin girl and your alien blue skin girl. Sadly, here at we do not have any services such as this to help us with the stress of writing. Maybe I should run this idea by the boss.

And of course I would recommend this as the number one. It’s the signature dish of the Pooters menu. With it having four choices of one-shots for you to choose from and more on the way,  you just can’t go wrong with this doujin. However, I do suggest giving each a read and savoring the everlasting flavors inside. Their finger lickin’ good.


You can check the ones I suggested and Butcha U's other works here.

What’s your favorite Butcha U doujin? Would you like to see a real Pooters restaurant? Are my chooses finger lickin’ good? Tell us in the comment section and I promise to pay for your next meal.