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Burustandin Likes to Draw Detailed Pussies
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 weeks ago • 10 comments

Every artist tries to have their own trademark style or theme. Some artists are known for their artstyle, while others are more known for what they draw. I believe that artist Burustandin, is known for his big girls, but more importantly, how much detail and thought he puts into the drawing of the female pussy.

Yep, you know that thing that we all love between a female's leg. Yep, Buru draws the shit out of them. Some artists would just draw a little open hole and lips for the pussy, some may just put a pink slit there. Buru goes above and beyond to draw a female's pussy with the most detail and polish. In his art, the pussy is the main event, from the lips, to the hair, to the flabs, to the labia, to the hole, to the cervix, and sometimes the little asshole gets some love too. It seems like a difficult thing to draw and get right, but it seems like Buru does it with ease.

Now I like my pussy with a little hair on top, meaty, can be alittle worn out...why the fuck am I talking about pussy like I’m order off the lunch menu?

Buru is an excellent artist, who found what his theme is and what he likes to draw. I’m happy he seems to have his trademark, and I’ll keep following them for it.

Have you heard of Burustandin? What do you think about his art and the way he draws pussies? What kind of pussy do you like? Tell us in the comments.