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11 of the Greatest Gender-Swap Stories of All Time
By Kasaix • 2 years ago

The Grass is Always Greener...

(Ranma by Bokuman of DeviantArt)

Deep down inside, most people who wonder what it would be like if they swapped genders for a day; what would you do with your new found genitalia? Hentai authors use it for some creative fun; just turn a guy into a girl using a thinly-veiled plot device (magic? science? alchemy?), then he can have sex with another dude without it being (too) gay.

11. Losing Myself in That Pigtailed Girl by Kurionesha

It's almost mandatory to begin a genderswap article with a Ranma 1/2 doujin, the series that popularized the concept. In this story, Ranma in girl form argues with Akane that he should wash P-chan, aka Ryoga's cursed form. Ranma throws him into the bath and changes him back to normal. They struggle, and Ranma is knocked out. Ryoga is concerned at first, but Ranma's girl form gets his aroused and he decides to "train for Akane's sake". He takes advantage of him/her and has sex, with Ranma waking up halfway through. Ranma's pissed, but wants to go another round, without Ryoga calling him/her 'Akane'. They go again, this time much more affectionately. Akane walks in, and Ranma has changed Ryoga back into a pig.

10. The Age When Even Flowers Blush by Rensougyo

In second place for most popular genderswap character is Naruto, so of course s/he would get an entry in this article. In this doujin, taking place after the time-skip, Naruto in girl form and bunny maid uniform is in Sasuke's apartment when he walks in. Naruto insists s/he is there to convince Sasuke to come back. After failing to do so, Naruto changes back, but only to his/her normal clothes, sans pants and underwear, and is still a girl. This gets Sasuke's attention, and they have sex, with Sasuke apparently falling for Naruto. Naruto changes back into a guy in the end, but Sasuke still loves him.

9. His Class Change to Girlfriend by Aji Pontarou

A hero and his companion have been fighting evil on their way to the demon king's castle for a number of years. On the evening before they get to the castle, the hero's companion gives him a bangle he suggests will make the hero stronger. Instead, it changes him into a weak girl, and the companion is the demon king himself. The king has sex with the hero, sealing his/her fate as a girl. Days later, they're still traveling, and the hero is acting more like a girlfriend, interested in jewelry and lingerie, which s/he shows the king at night. There, she confesses that being the hero wasn't what she wanted, and had always liked her companion. the king falls for the girl, and they wed, completely disappearing from public view, and consequently, demons and humans become allies as the hero gives birth to the king's baby.


8. Offence Reversal! The Delinquent and Me, as a Woman by Aji Pontarou

A high school student who is constantly bullied decides to take a drug that should make him stronger. However, due to allergies to some illegal substances in the drug, he becomes a hot woman. She has fun with this, turning heads and enjoying the attention. Fortunately, his bully has a fear of women, and she uses this to bully him. However, after borrowing some porn videos from a friend, he's grown a bit stronger and isn't so easily flustered. The girl charms him in a swimsuit, which defeats him once more. In the nurse's office, the girl seduces the bully and has sex with him. In the end, the bully has become her lackey and boyfriend.

7. I Got Turned Into a Woman!? And My Cousins Turned Into Guys!? by Alpha to Yukaina Nakamatachi 

This is part of a larger series involving a guy and his twin cousins with whom he has a relationship. In this chapter, twin girl transfer students gave him a drug that turned him into a girl. His cousins panic because they want to marry him. She assures them that everything is going to be fine. They go to the bathroom and take the drug themselves, turning into guys. They pull their cousin into a threesome, promising to marry her. The following day, they're all back to normal, with the girls once more promising to marry him.

6. Custom Girl by Maruneko

A guy finds a game outside his front door, left by someone who rang his bell and ran. He booted up the game and input his choices for a type of girl he likes. He's transported into the game with the same clothes and stats he chose for his girl. He's met by an AI girl who is able to modify him into a busty girl. She has sex with the AI, who has grown a cock, and comes to love her new lot in life. In the end, the game is left outside another door with the cover art now including the girl with the AI.

5. Hakase ga Joshu de Ore ga Ore de by Ikuya Daikokudou

A genius scientist has made a new female assistant in his lab. In his attempt to make her as smart as him, he simply copied his own brain, creating a girl version of himself. He convinces his girl self to have sex with him, with the girl going so far as to cosplay their favorite female character. The girl is understandably hesitant, as it's having sex with herself, but gets over it quickly enough. Afterwards, he decides to continue research into girls, while his girl self argues against his perverted plans.

4. The Possessed Genderbender-chan! by Aji Ponntarou

A spiritually-aware guy is walking home when a female ghosts possesses him and changes him into a girl. S/he heads to her friend's place and convinces him of her circumstances, now just wearing a hooded-sweater and underwear. The ghost takes control of them both and jumps her friend for sex. Apparently the ghost died with deep regret of having never had sex. The ghost leaves, and they have sex again, now comfortable with the situation. The ghost returns, reveals that she's now a guardian spirit, and can't change her back to a guy. However, they're fine with it.

3. Absolutely Painless Dentist by Taniguchi-san

A guy is reluctant to go to a dentist due to normal fears of dentistry. He finds a place that promises no pain and signs up. There, his body is swapped with a female dental assistant. While the assistant gets dentist work done in his body, another assistant, who has apparently lusted after her, takes advantage of the situation and has sex with her, saying it's win-win since they both get pleasure. In the end, he's restored to normal and left with a hefty bill that his insurance doesn't cover.

2. Ecstasy Horotopia by shoco

This is a Shaman King doujin, but knowledge of the series is not needed to enjoy it. Ren summons Horohoro, explaining that a drug he took changed him into a girl. Horohoro starts to feel her up before they have sex. Afterwards, Ren tells him that he knows how to change back. Horohoro asks again after Ren gives birth to their child.

1. The Desire For The Older Sister Experience by michiking

This is a short, full-color doujin where an older sister tries to bond with her younger sister. When this fails, she imagines her younger sister as a younger brother she could dote on, and even have sex with. She narrates this out loud, with her younger sister berating her, explaining this is why they don't eat pudding together.

What did you think of some of our genderbending doujins? Did you find a new favorite genre, or do you prefer that characters not change gender to have sex? Tell us in the comments below!