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Audio Doujins: Becky Love Serving Master
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago • 2 comments

Kawakami is my Persona 5 waifu, so it would have been a shame if I didn’t do an audio doujin of her on Persona 5 month. Kawakami is your teacher by day, but she’s your eager to please maid Becky at night. She wants to make sure master is satisfied in all the right ways. And Becky is even eager to please in her sleep. Now that’s what I call dedication. Someone else who have dedication is Dorn for being able to do a great voice impression of Kawakami. Kinky did the voices for the male characters.

Kawakami voiced by Dorn 

Males voices by ImJustThatKinky

What did you think a Dorn’s performance? Is Kawakami your Persona 5 waifu? Who’s hotter, Kawakami or Becky? Tell us in the comments.