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Astolfo: Girls Wanna Be Him and Boys Wanna Fuck Him
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 years ago


Now my boy Kasaix has done two articles talking about characters that blasted up instantly to Waifu status, such as Android 21 and Earth-chan. But Kasaix gloss over and forgot to do an article on the King of Waifus, the one who can be a Waifu and Husbando at the same damn time! I’m talking about the great Asstolfo! (Astolfo for short) Kasaix girls had some great fan art made of them so how about we check out a few of Astolfo’s fan art.














10. And if you think fucking Astolfo asstolfo is gay (which it's not). Then you can have the on a budget girl version. still pretty cute to be honest.


11. Oh and let me not forget cosplays, we got those. It would be better if there's an actual penis under that skirt. Like I said, "girls wanna be Astolfo" so you never know.

Now fan art and cosplays are good and all, but what does Astolfo have that Kasaix’s bitches don’t? DOUJINS! (But...I wouldn’t mind some Android 21 doujins…) So I grabbed my Top 3 Astolfo doujins.

I plan on going to Momocon this year and this doujin gives me hope that I’ll find myself two hot ass Astolfo traps there. (I don’t think that’ll actually happen but a man can dream) The two Astolfo do a little public blowjob in the middle of the convention before heading to the bathroom to finish up the job. I think public sex is hot but I don’t know how that’ll actual work in real life. Hell, I’m afraid to even do it in the restroom!

Astolfo is a little sex deviant who wants to fuck his master every single day but his master is getting sick a tired of it. (What is he, a fucking gay) So his master decides to use his to use his three command seals to make Astolfo unable to pleasure himself in anyway for three days. But while Astolfo has to suffer for three days, master has himself a side trap to fuck around with. Like it’s already hard enough for me to find a real trap but this dick head has himself a main trap and a side one. This doujin is the definition of ‘FAKE NEWS!”

Now I know it’s horrible but your boy Kinky is into that kinda not socially acceptable kind of shit, so it’s no surprise my favorite doujin is a little more...forceful. While all the Astolfo I’ve talked about so far was more willing and loved to have sex, this one is less willing and must be trained to love sex. This doujin is a guide for all of us lonely trap lovers out there. If you see a trap and they tell you “I only crossdress for fun. I’m not gay or anything.” Don’t believe what their saying and train him to like dicks. (Take my advice at your own risk.)

What do you think of Astolfo? Do you think I'll meet at trap at Momocon? Tell us in the comments below. If you want to read my dumb ramblings and check out my art follow my twitter @ImJustThatKinky