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Disturbingly Perverse Visual Novel Receives Physical Edition
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 weeks ago • 8 comments

Well, well, well, we meet again. In case you don’t frequent the blog much, I’ve had a bit of history with this title. Maggot Baits is an absolutely abhorrent and disgusting visual novel where almost every sex scene includes torture, gore, and incredibly good Japanese voice acting that almost sounds a little too realistic every now and then. I played the game and reviewed it in a video as part of a Christmas special last year. If you’d like to hear my thoughts on the game specifically, you can check that out here

Today, I instead want to focus on the fact that this hellspawn has received a physical edition over on MangaGamer as of May 15th. I have so many questions. First off, I didn’t even know they made physical editions for hentai visual novels. Really I’ve never actually seen a physical edition for ANY type of visual novel before, so it was quite surprising to learn that one such as this is receiving one. I mean, this is the type of game where I’m surprised the developer can find anyone else to work with considering the severity of the content they make. I should be clear and not hype it up too much though, according to the advertisements it comes with a two -sided cover case, USB stick with art, and a Gigabox custom USB case (which I had to Google and it’s apparently like a case for a regular game but with a USB inside. So while you’re not going to get anything like hardcore gore posters to hang on your wall, it’s still more Maggot Baits merchandise then I’d ever want any person ever to find in my belongings.

On second thought, I see why they skipped the poster idea.

On one hand, I’m happy to live in a world where a game as horrific as this is getting some physical merch and my congratulations goes out to any diehard fans. Down with censorship and all that. One the other hand, I’d rather be caught in possession of 100 GB of weird, hardcore Asian porn than having anyone find a copy of this visual novel lying around. Needless to say I don’t have any plans on picking up the physical version. Out of curiosity though, I had to fucking check and see if euphoria had a physical version too. It does. Considering that was in 2016, maybe I’m just out of the loop. 

Would you ever buy a physical edition of a visual novel? A hentai visual novel? Is it becoming easier for companies to produce and distribute mature and gorey content, or harder? Bait me to leave a reply by commenting below!