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An Interview with Waifuholic
By Kasaix • 4 months ago • 1 comments

Kasaix: Hello Doujin Army! I’m here with another truly talented artist I’ve been following for quite some time, a man whose username checks out 100%: Waifuholic. He also goes by XIII, but either way: waifus for days. Girls from different series with amazing figures. The shading is top notch too, so they look all the better. I could go on, and I shall, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Thanks for taking the time to hang out. How’s it going, Waifuholic? 

Waifuholic: Good evening Kasaix, everything’s cool.

Kasaix: Let’s start at the top, could you tell me how you first got into art? 

Waifuholic: Sure, when I was a kid I liked to build my own toys, the first thing I ever built was a wood sword, I needed blueprints to make it, that was my very first time drawing something, guess that’s where everything started.

Kasaix: Did you go to an art school, or are you all self taught?

Waifuholic: I’m self taught.

Kasaix: Your artist name is ‘Waifuholic’, so while this may seem like an obvious answer, where did the name come from? Your alternate name seems to be XIII, and I’m curious about that as well.

Waifuholic: Indeed, the answer to where “Waifuholic” comes from it’s pretty obvious, it’s a nickname I like to use because I think many fellow “Waifuholics” can relate to it, about XIII… there’s a place where I spent many years, that was my number and at the end it stuck with me, but I like it. 

Kasaix: You draw characters from different series, so it’s hard to get an idea of which is your favorite from the gallery alone. What are your favorite characters and themes to draw? 

Waifuholic: My favorite characters are the ones who have the whole package like Tifa, Hinata, Saeko or Pyrrha to name a few, they’re not just beautiful looking characters but have the skills and the resolve to face the challenges ahead of them and keep moving forward, now for themes… as any artist on this line of work I love to draw sex, kinks and lots and lots of explicit pleasure, specially ahegao but, at the end of the day I guess my favorite is and always gonna be, happy couples.     

Kasaix: What do you feel is your best picture yet, and why?

Waifuholic: This one:

This picture is probably not the best in quality, but is my favorite so far because it’s exactly what I love to work, a couple sharing a great moment also, there’s food.

Kasaix: Where do you get the inspiration for your projects from?

Waifuholic: From discipline, you start working, then, the inspiration comes after but I’m not talking only of my own, it’s about the discipline other artists show in the quality and quantity of their works, also… maybe you hear this a lot, but a great source of inspiration are the people who supports me viewing/donating/sharing my works, it’s the best inspiration.

Kasaix: What setup do you use to draw?

Waifuholic: Wacom Intuos for the last 2 years and very recently thanks to my supporters I upgraded to a Huion Kamvas which I’m in love with.

Kasaix: Is there a project you'd really like to work on in the future?

Waifuholic: Of course, I would love to work on a game of my own.

Kasaix: Let’s wrap it up here for now. Do you have any final words to all your fans?

Waifuholic: Thanks for all the support you have given and many of you keep giving, I’ll work hard everyday to keep improving and growing, and of course, special thanks to you Kasaix for this interview.

I’d like to thank Waifuholic again for taking the time to hang out. If you’d like to follow his work, check out the sites below: