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A Review of Lewd Leaf Land
By WakeUpSnooze • 5 months ago • 5 comments

Nutaku asked us to take a look at this game, and here's our opinion.

This is a unique game that Kinky recommended me to check out if I wanted something different. I wanted, and I received baby. I can honestly say this was nothing like any other porn game I’ve ever played for a variety of reasons. 

Lewd Leaf Land is a very short casual platformer. It was developed and published by AheGames. The game is about 30MB to download and was added to the Nutaku store for $4 on June 13, 2019. It’s only available for the Windows platform.


In case you haven’t realized it yet, we’re going way back for a retro experience with this one. The game, including the sex scenes, are done in pixel art. I haven’t played a game in this style in a long time and it was a refreshing change of pace in the visual department. I’m not familiar with these older style of visuals so I can’t speak much on their comparative quality to other titles but I can safely say I enjoyed the graphics. But fuck all that, the MUSIC is the crowning achievement of this department. Oh my god. How do I even tell you about it? Nah fuck that, for the first time ever, I’m just linking you the Bandcamp. Take a listen. It's free. Holy hell I loved those tracks. While there’s only two tracks, it seems like three as “Sexy Dance” really feels like two songs put together: one that’s incredibly atmospheric and moody, and one that’s upbeat and cheery. Both tunes have a heavy indie vibe packed with hard hitting beats and spoilers they’re really the best part of this whole experience. You know the shit is good when it’s only two songs and I can’t shut up about it.

I know, those beats take me to another place too.


This is a pretty simple platformer utilizing a jump and a glide. After jumping you can hit the spacebar again and hold it to keep yourself in the air a little longer. There’s no levels, just a wide open area for you to explore to find and collect leaves. Some are a bit trickier than others to grab. My only confusing note about this was the collecting of leaves itself. When you die you retain the leaves you have. Makes sense. But when you beat the game, you retain the number of leaves you have and all the leaves respawn. This made it difficult for me to figure out how many leaves in total were on the map as well as which leaves I had collected already and which I hadn’t. Eventually I gave up trying to find them all for that reason. Regardless, the core gameplay felt fun and responsive, and thanks to the dynamic checkpoint system you could choose which checkpoint to activate by walking to it before attempting a difficult jump in that area.

You know how hard I worked to get this shot of the moon?

The Sex

Like the game itself, this shit was pretty short. Molly, the MC, gets high on tea she made from the leaves you collected and fucks some weird deer head guy in the woods. The text focused on some hippie shit about connecting the universe so if you’re into that nature stuff I guess this is a needle in the haystack of porn dialogue. Ultimately I wasn’t able to even come close to cumming given the circumstances. Not to mention the second of the two tracks plays during the scene. It has a hard as fuck beat and spirtual hymn sounding vocals and while I was smilling the whole time jamming out, I found it difficult to get in the mood as my ears were being pounded with greatness.

Are you down to fuck deer people? Honest question. Hit the comments.

Look I can’t sugarcoat it, I don’t think this is a game that’ll rock your socks and make you cum fast. If anything this could be a nice warm-up before you open up some doujins. But I see the potential for greatness here. I do hope this title continues to receive updates as time goes on. With more text added to the sex scenes this could really be something special. 

TL;DR Feels more like a proof of concept than a complete experience, but fiercely strong music and visual aesthetics hint at a promising future, 3/5

Do you enjoy retro-style games? Did you check out that bumping soundtrack? Collect some leaves and give them to me in the comments below.