A Review of Bubble Date Mania
By Kasaix • 10 months ago • 4 comments

Nutaku asked us to take a look at Bubble Date Mania, and here is our opinion. Overall, this is a fun dating game with an interesting twist: you play that bubble shooter game where you shoot colored balls, aiming for the same colored ball that floating among other colored balls, hoping for a combo and dropping a whole bunch of bubbles to earn a high score. Think of that classic bubble shooter game with the two lizard guys, and you're there. It's still as fun as it was in that bygone era, now with sexy girls who will strip for you on dates if you do really well in this game. There's a ball pun in there, but it escapes me. Pop balls so you can bust a ball? Eh, you figure it out. I'm here to review, not crack jokes. Let's take a look at the trailer before  we do a deep dive.

Let's talk art. Seeing the trailer, we can clearly take note of the various girl archetypes waiting to be swooned via bubble shooter games. The cute megane girl with a large bust, girl on the prowl, hipster girl, and so on. They're sexy and worth the effort to get them out of their clothes and onto some sheets. The girls are varied and all sexy in their own ways. And similar ways, they are thicc, my friends, and the bubble shooting is all worth it. 

Besides the girls, the other art in the game is quite good. Varied colors, interesting settings, and so on. They put real effort to bring their game to life, and it paid off in the end. 

Let's talk gameplay now. This is a video game, after all. As stated, the main thing you need to do to get these lovely ladies out of their clothes and into bed is to win the bubble shooter game. That's really quite easy: aim and fire the colored bubble to hit the same colored bubble, and get a high score. It's not as tedious as one might think, it's really quite a fun little puzzle game. Do really well and the girls will get lewd. At the end of successful dates, they'll send you lewd pics to enjoy.

You earn XP in this game, doing well on dates, playing with bubbles, and so on. Your room in this game is important, and not just for a love nest for numerous women. It starts off as a mattress on the ground, ripe for customization as the player sees fit, earning XP bonuses depending on how decked out it gets.

There are three modes to this game, besides just shooting bubbles. You can explore Beach City, the setting of this game. Sorry, no aliens to fight here, I checked. You'll also need to check your phone for "risky texts". Decipher that one when you play Bubble Date Mania.

With around 120 levels to enjoy, numerous women to seduce, and plenty of bubbles to shoot, Bubble Date Mania is a great game to play, another great hentai game from Nutaku. If you've ever played or, or plan to play it, sound off in the comments below.