A Doujins Review: Spunky Knight
By Kasaix • 6 months ago • 4 comments

Keeping up with the classics, let's take a look back at the legendary Spunky Knight. There are multiple volumes following the exploits of Phaia, a bounty hunter that ends up in bed more than the battlefield. Enemies stick it to her more than she sticks it to them, and she doesn't mind one bit. As said, there are a few other volumes, so if you'd like to see them up on the site, be sure to put in some requests. A bit of a content warning, it's mostly light-hearted, but there are some darker elements, like rape. It's lighter in tone than Bondage Fairies, if that helps. Without further delay, let's dive into the first volume of Spunky Knight

Let us begin with the visual elements. You know, the art. It's a classic doujin from around 1996, and it has aged as one would expect. It still looks great, but it definitely reeks of that time, which is a good thing, because this style is great. Phaia herself looks nice, curves for days, sexy, if impractical armor, when she wears it. She also emotes well, so you can see what she's feeling. 

The world and side characters are given great detail. The monsters look really cool too. If Kozou took out all the hentai, it would make for a really cool manga that could be sold at regular manga shops.

Now for the story. It starts off like a classic tale of a warrior trying to make her mark on the world. It starts like that, but an early quest leaves her changed. An incubus curses her with a sensitive body, and she becomes a nympho, to the point that her side hustle becomes prostitution. It's a weak setup to the hentai, but there are good parts, the makings of a great tale of knights and monsters. All that devolves when Phaia loses her armor.

"No" quickly becomes "Yes" since she's a nympho. I mean, she'll get drawn into sex against her will, start to enjoy it, but her eye is always on beating the bad guy and completing her job, so she's not a total lost cause. You'll definitely root for her to win. The stories get more varied in later volumes, but no matter how fascinating the setup, everything becomes formulaic when Phaia loses her armor. That's not a bad thing, it's still a great story. It's just, there's the makings of a better story here, that doesn't pay off as one would hope. Honestly, you could get some good D&D campaign stories by reading Spunky Knight