This Collection of Dead or Alive 5 Female Costumes Will Cost You $1,149
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 6 comments

First released waaaaaaaaay back in September 2012, Dead or Alive 5 became an instant hit, so Koei-Tecmo decided to milk the fuck out of the franchise. First there was Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate in 2013, and then Dead or Alive: Last Round in 2015 for next-gen consoles. Each new release focused more and more on what fans were really interested in; no, not tight fight mechanics, but sexy female fighters in skimipy-outfits. Catering to their fan's demands, Team Ninja added one new female character after another, even going so far as to gender-swap Tengu from DOA2, along with swaths of new costumes for all the women, ranging from Attack on Titan cosplay to BlazBlue crossovers.


In December, after more than 5 years of DLC, game director Yohei Shimbori announced that they were finally finished producing DLC for the game. A quick check on DOA5's Steam page reveals that all of the DLC for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (currently on sale!) totals to a mind-blowing $1,149.19, with a total of 423 costumes unlockable in-game for the game's 36 characters, plus an additional 1,368 DLC costumes available for purchase (lol). Lucky for you we've compiled the complete costume collection into a series of (easy-to-fap-to) galleries so you don't have to blow the bank. View them all right here!

Kasumi                                                     Ayane










Momiji                                                      Hitomi










Honoka                                                     Kokoro










Tina Armstrong                                       Helena Douglas










Leifang                                                      Marie Rose










Mai Shiranui                      Rachel                                 Alpha-152
















Phase 4                                                    Nyotengu










Lisa Hamilton                                          Christine










Pai Chan                                                   Naotora Ii









Mila                                                           Sarah Bryant









Which DOA girl is your favorite? Which costume? Let us know in the comments below!