Comment Shoutout: December Edition
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 9 comments

Ay baby back by popular demand.... we've got some more comment shoutouts! And by popular demand, I mean like one or two of you said you wanted to see it return at the end of this month. And ol' Uncle Kinky just had to deliver! (pulchra.mentis, this is the part where you go ahead and mail me the check we discussed) You already know the drill, so without further delay, here's some dank comments from this month! "Wait... now that we have a dedicated comments section, what's the point?" you might ask. The point is the interaction. The growing of a small little doujins community. Now hop on Kinky's lap and let's get started. 


*Note that to preserve my sanity, this article focuses on comments posted in December 2017.

Additionally, if any panel catches your eye, click the picture to be directed to it.






Jgbear  “Make her do anal next it'll be awesome”


Now this is a man with great taste. He knows what he wants, and he knows what I want. We want a hot ass milf with tanlines to do some anal, who wouldn't?

















”Why do people keep drawing nipples like that? So fucking gross and distracting -_-”


Listen Servant, I hear you on the nipple thing. But just be grateful that we got a good ass Baiken doujin. She’s the Guilty Gear bae.



”yeah they look like the air nozzles you blow into on beach balls”


And Believer, don’t make me get at that ass. I can have you banned for talkin' that shit about my waifu. TRY ME!









Tuskor13 “So tired of the gross fat bald old guy type."


I feel like you're speaking for everyone when saying that. We need more JustThatKinky types. I wouldn’t mind getting my dick sucked by Astolfo and I feel like I speak for everyone when I say that.
















Aldan “New York? Since when?”

Right? If New York is the The Land of Sex and boi pussi, I’m going to have to start asking the boss to plan a business trip soon.


















              "All the kids are prostitutes now! It's the coolest!" 


            Shit out of context this one doesn't sound so good...


















"This is me all day. I'm big black guy that strikes fear in people and at home I just wanna cuddle and fuck all day."


Let this be a lesson, it doesn't matter what race you are, we all want to just cuddle and fuck all day.

















                     maksimka150200 "Nearly two years comment"


Look at the comments on this doujin for yourself. This guy has continued the tradition of commenting once every two years on this doujin. 















                           Oddest Ball

"Nice to see a girl groping a guy's tits after accidentally falling on them for once."


Now this is what I like to see. Some mix-ups, some role reversals in my generic tropes. 

















    IamParadoxic    "Wild PLOT appeared" 


   You better catch that shit, it's a rare beast in these parts. 



















    Vhcabar     "Keh! In for a penny, in for a pound my dude!"


      Hell yeah MC, you got to study hard to earn fucking hard!


















I hope you enjoyed seeing some more comments, and as always be sure to hit me up in the comments section to discuss what we learned today! Happy holidays!