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Yandere Onahole Review
By WakeUpSnooze • 3 years ago

Fall is in the air fellas. As it slowly cools down and we anticipate the holiday season, it’s safe to say that scary shit is just around the corner. October began a little early this year as I was sent the Yandere onahole manufactured by Toys Heart to review. Yandere is a kink of mine, so I was a happy boy ready to get my dick torn apart. The onahole is currently available on otanajp for $34, down from the regular price of $59 at the time of writing. I have no idea the reason for the sale, as I couldn’t find an explanation.


The packaging is pretty standard overall for an onahole like this. The box art displays a clearly unhinged yandere ready to break the ice (and your balls). Inside the box contains the onahole itself wrapped in protective plastic, and a bottle of lube. Wait a minute? BOTTLE of lube? Oh fuck yes! It’s small, sure. But so many of these onaholes come with lube that’s in a little packet. The packet is small too, however I can usually make it last for around three sessions or so. The problem is after you use it, you gotta go find a plastic bag to put it in to save it. And since it’s just a little packet it leaks everywhere in the plastic bag so you lose a lot and then you have to stick your hand in that shit to pull it out of the bag. It’s simply a mess. The bottle has a decent amount of lube for an add-on and makes it SO much easier to just stick it in the onahole, squirt a bit out, seal it back up and move on with your day. I hope more onaholes in this price range consider it.


Let’s get crazy and take a peek inside. As you can see from the educational images below, The onahole has a few sections: an entrance, a section with ridges, a section with suckers, and the womb at the end. It also claimed to have decent suction to keep your dick locked in tight. You know how them yanderes don’t like their “lover” being able to escape. According to the second picture it falls into the red zone which translates to rough/tight (I think, listen I’m still learning). The whole onahole is red and continues that color on the inside as well. It’s a pretty sturdy and sizable onahole so cleaning is a bit more of a challenge than some of the smaller/cheaper ones, but it’s a tradeoff for longevity.


I was scared but excited going into this, much like my experience with real yanderes. I was hyped as fuck about the concept until I saw that the onahole was in the red zone on the chart. You see, my dick has a history of being in pain even when using onaholes that are not supposed to be rough. In the past unless it was the most gentle onahole ever I felt some amount of discomfort while using it. I went into this thinking “eh, I’ll probably suffer but that’s just my weird dick, maybe the concept will be good enough I can still recommend it”. Gentlemen, let me say, I recommend the hell out of this. This is actually the first onahole since the super soft Kokonoe that I thoroughly enjoyed like this. To start I realized that you can control the roughness by altering the suction. The first time I used it I didn’t even bother with the suction shit as I was too busy being amazed by the softness. Then later I did try the suction and it made the onahole more of the “rough yandere” that I had originally anticipated. That shit started hurting my dick so I went back to no suction for my third session. Additionally, I thought “maybe it’s the lube! Maybe my personal lube is shit and this onahole feels like the others, but the bottle lube it comes with is better!” so I went back to my dirt cheap personal lube. Nope, the onahole still felt great. The second reason I love it so much was that you could actually feel the womb section. Onaholes love to hype up shit like “FEEL every inch of your dick get EVISCERATED by the ridge section, then experience the bumps MASSAGE your dick into ultimate relaxation with our new awesome onahole” and then when you put your dick inside it feels the same as every other onahole on the market. Here I could honestly say yep, I sense the uniqueness. Maybe not as much with the ridges and suckers, but the womb part? That ending was giving my tip a good rubbing like no other onahole has done before it. Bravo you little psychotic bastard.

When I reach for the onahole the third time that day.

TL;DR A onahole that comes with a bottle instead of a packet, has a special design, can alter the roughness well based on the suction, provides a unique feeling for your dick, AND has a good price? That’s a 5/5 in my book

I might have to make an onahole hall of fame or something. If I do, you better believe this bitch will be on it. Sales happen all the time on otanajp, and if you can find this onahole anywhere under $50 I think that’s a good deal. Of course, you can check out other onaholes at otanajp too. Do you like yanderes? Will you be checking out this onahole? Lock the doors and windows so she can’t get in, and leave a comment below!