What's Better, 3D or 2D? Why Not Both!
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 6 comments


I can’t remember what my first introduction to porn was. Was it the website NarutoXXX, or was it the porn site Badjojo which I watched an emo girl masturbate in the closet? I can’t remember but I can say that the emo girl masturbating was better than the still images of Naruto girls. Don’t get me wrong, the Naruto images were great but the moans and the motion of the masturbation video was amazing and a new concept to my young mind. But then I learned about hentai and that became better than a girl masturbating in her closet. And then...the point is, I can’t decide what’s better, 3D girls or 2D girls.


I remember my younger days when I watched Kayden420. But now with all new options, I don't even remember who Kayden420 is. Also, this is the emo girl masturbate in closet video I was talking about.


What’s good about 3D porn

When it comes to the real thing, it’s as I just said...real! You’re looking at the real girl, something that you can possible have one day. That’s the appeal of 3D. It’s something human, something you can relate to. The thing you’re watching is real (even if it’s just acting). The girls are real people that you can maybe one day fuck, if you’re lucky (most likely not but we can all dream.) It’s that simple.


What’s good about 2D porn

I feel like the main attraction to 2D porn is the art and the scenarios the girls find themselves in. Yeah, real porn can do a story plot where women in space get mind controlled and corrupted by the men on board but they just wouldn’t do it justice, for a lack of better words. With art you can have your dream girl, real girls aren’t born with green eyes, red hair (wait isn’t that just a ginger O.O) and cat ears (that’s better).You also get to see all your wonderful anime waifu in lewd situation which is always a pleasure.


Now putting this all in to account, I was overjoyed when I found out that the two mediums could work together. One lovely cam girl by the name Lana Rain, help blended these two worlds of 3D and 2D together perfectly.

Wow! I didn't know Dawn was based off a real girl. Oh wait...that's just Lana cosplaying.

With her amazing scripts and cosplay skills, she’s able to pull off the hentai scenario and look that we love from hentai, while having the beauty of a real girl. Now I can’t just have my 2D and 3D separate, for the best experience I need them together. And after Lana Rain, I found many other girls doing the same. My porn world opened up to new avenues. This doesn’t mean I left normal porn or my hentai, it only means that I have a new category amongst my rotation, which means more porn of me to enjoy!


So what do you like more, 2D or 3D? Have you heard of Lana Rain? Have I showed you new porn for you to enjoy? Tell us in the comments below.