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What Makes Galko-chan Girl Designs Great
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

Galko-chan is one of those shows that I always saw and was interested in, but never got the chance to watch or read it. Well, I did read some of the doujins that were made of it, which are excellent by the way. But something that always stood out to me when it came to Galko-chan, were its character designs. Most notably the girls.

Unlike a lot of other animes, the girls have variety when it comes to their looks. Not this simple change their eye color, hair design, and boob size. No. The artist goes all out and changes the girls face, body shape, complexion, height, and so much more. This gives the girls so much more character, and gives the anime a more lively and real feel to it. It’s a appreciated change from the same standard bitches we usually get from anime.

I can't tell the difference from bitch 1 to bitch 2

So that’s a very charming aspect of Galko-chan that I quite enjoy about it. I really dig the emo chick I saw in the show, and Galko’s sister and nerdy friend can get it to. And for all those guys who keep yelling, “Why can’t we ever get some good BBW in our anime!” Well don’t worry, Galko got that covered too.

Fat can float on this dick too...I'm saying that she's hot...and I would fuck her...

Have you watched Galko-chan? Do you like Galko-chan's female design? Who is your favorite girl from Galko-chan? Tell us in the comments below.