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Waifu Wars: Darling in the FranXX
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 10 comments


Well hello there my Darlings, how are you guys doing today? I was hoping to get rid of Imaginary after the last god awful Boku no Hero Waifu Wars, but he’s like a bad girlfriend, she gets on your nerves but the sex is just too good so you have to stay. So today we’ll be hoping on the Darling in the FranXX hype train (or hate train) and give you guys another heated debate of Waifu Wars!


Why Ichigo is the Way to Go

I’ll be honest, Ichigo might have bad taste in guys for picking Hiro, but at least she’s loyal to the one she loves. She is the leader of the group and tries her best to keep everyone together. She is a girl that if she loves you she’ll always try to help in anyway possible and make sure the thots (like Zero Two) don’t corrupt you. She’s not afraid to tell a bitch to back off of her man, no matter how tall or how much a monster that bitch is, I like me a girl who at afraid of no one. And even though Hiro is a fuck boi and retarded, she still tries to help him out and comfort him, so if I were to fuck up while dating Ichigo, she’ll still try to help me get through it. Now that’s a strong and determined girl.

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When you just have to fuck a bitch up.

Say No to Ichigo

Fuckin’ hell man, why do you want to get with the worst girl in the show? Ikuno’s the smartest (look at them glasses), Kokoro has a big kokoro (she’s nice), Miku’s the cutest, and Zero Two’s the sexiest, and you pick Ichigo? The lamest out of all them? You’d be better off trying to make Mitsuru into a trap, I know you’re secretly gay anyway. Aside from denying Best Boi Goro pussy and trying to steal away a man already infatuated with someone else, this girl hasn’t done shit this entire time. She’s the leader, but Zero Two and Hiro seem to be ones putting in work, gettin’ shit done around here. Plus, Ichigo ain’t special for liking Hiro even though he’s a fuck boi and retarded, Zero Two does the same thing! Not to mention the fact this girl disrespects the military officials on the regular despite their tight grip on this society. That’s some courageous shit if I’ve ever seen it. In fact, Zero Two is just an upgraded HD remake of Ichigo: more loyal, more brave, more sexy per square inch, and more “Darlings” per episode. The right choice all around.

To be fair, she did slap Zero first.

Why Zero Two Should be for You

First of all, she’s pretty hot. The hottest girl in the show as a matter of fact. The high amount of “Mine” AMV’s on YouTube lately starring none other than Zero Two herself are a big testament to that. Second of all, she has the best voice actress in the show. The way she says “Darling”? Priceless. Regarding her personality, she seems very protective of her darling, and I know if we were together my ass would be the safest riding with her (assuming I have the same plot armor that Hiro does). The Klaxy-Sauyrs wouldn’t stand a chance against us. In terms of being a loyal waifu she was willing to kill Hiro, her current darling, in order to become human so that she may finally be a suitable wife for her past and one true darling (also Hiro), so I’m pretty sure she’s not a cheater. Most importantly, Zero Two never cucked the best boy in the show, Goro, so that’s an auto-loss for Ichihoe in my book.

Ditch the Ichihoe and get with a Zero.

Why Zero Two is an Absolute Zero

She has AMV’s made of her? Oh, I’m sorry she’s the main heroine, that’s the only reason anyone even care about her. I’ll give you that her “Darling” is cute but after hearing that over and over again in a long-lasting relationship, I might start bleeding from the ears. And she the definition of over protective. She’ll kill my friends just based on assumption, the bitch has angry anger management problems. Her anger might one day flip “Who the fuck ate all the ice cream! I’ll fucking kill them!”. Damn baby, that ice cream been in the freezer for weeks now and It’s not like I can’t buy you a new one. And her trying to kill Hiro to become a human for her past darling, which you pointed out was Hiro, I don’t want a girl with selective memory. She could easily use that excuse to go around fucking other guys, “Oh sorry Imaginary, I forgot we were even dating.”. Yeah, the bitch is real loyal.

When I want to fuck a boy more than Zero Two, you now there's a problem (forget that I like traps).


Who do you think won? Who is your darling in Darling in the FranXX? Has the show gotten any better? Tell us in the comments below.