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Under the Witch has an English Dub
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago

I’ve seen Under the Witch around here and there, but never taken a complete look at it. The game looked good and different from other games, but I still didn’t feel the need to go out and play it for myself. But once the announcement of an English dub was announced, I kept track of every little update the game did, until the eventual release of the dub. And with me finally being able to get my hands on the English dub, I can tell you now that I am not disappointed.

Under the Witch is a game for the femdom lovers. Just read the title, Under the Witch, it’s because you’ll be under her for most of the game. Winning is losing in this game, and losing is winning. There are no ways to dominate her, it’s only be dominated dominated more. Now this might turn some people off, but I was fine with the always “losing” approach. Cause let’s be honest, when a hot as witch is raping your dick. Can you really say that you lose?

Under the Witch. Do you get it yet?

The English performance was done by Ko Clover, and she stayed true the Dealer’s Japanese dub, keeping her harsh and dominant tone. For me personally, the English dub made each scene 10x more enjoyable, but maybe that’s because I’m an English dub shill. But only when the English dub is good and not cringe.

Finally, I can hear beatiful lines like this in English.

If you want to play Under the Witch, you can visit their Patreon. And don’t worry, if you’re more into Japanese dubs, there’s an opinion of that to.

Have you played Under the Witch? What do you think of the English dub? Are you alright with always losing? Tell us in the comments.