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Top 5 Anime of Summer Season 2020 That Deserve Doujins
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago

The summer season of anime might not have the most anime coming out because of the whole covid situation. But that doesn’t mean anime has stopped pumping out some hot girls. With this season of anime, we have some recurring hotness, and some new hotness. Let’s peep this one out.

I just wanted to give an honorable mention to Uzaki-chan. The reason I wanted to give this one an honorable mention, is because I feel like some people would be confused by why this cute and enjoying little gremlin wasn’t on the list. Well, she so damn cute and adorable that I kind of don’t have the desire to want to fuck her, only cuddle and date her. So love for her is pure.

Okay now for the smut.

God of High School

God of High School has two girls that are on my radar. You have the main female character Mira, and some hot ass bitch with blue hair in a suit. Since this is an anime adapted from a webtoon, I’m not keeping my hopes up on it getting any doujins anytime soon.

No Gun Life Season 2

I had this series on the list last time season 1 aired. And sadly, there’s still no No Gun Life doujins out there. And this season just proves why this anime needs doujins, and I only just need one word to explain why. Mary.

Re: Zero Season 2

The long awaited season 2 of Re: Zero has finally aired and now we just wait for the long awaited Echidna doujins. Just from her first appearance, Echidna has already made my list of being one of the hottest and likeable female characters in Re: Zero. And this season seem like it’ll be introducing even more of the witches, so some doujins of all of them would be fucking nice.

Fire Force Season 2 

Fire Force has been getting some doujins, but not as much as I would have thought or hoped. The really sad thing about the Fire Force doujins I’ve seen is that they focus more on Tamaki and not Iris or Maki, the obvious better choice. With this season, I’m hoping to see an influx in Fire Force doujin, while also adding in the new pink haired female character.


Or as I like to call it, Rent-A-Bitch, is prime doujin material. Their already being paid to be your girlfriend, why not just pay them to go even further. I have a huge prostitution kink, so this anime just fills that kink for me. And with them having a selection of 4 hot girls, it makes the concept even better.

If you look at this gif of Mary and not want to fuck her, you’re official gay.

Do you agree with my list? Would you change the list? What are some anime this season you would like to see doujins of? Tell us in the comments.