With Tumblr Dead, Where are the Artists?
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago • 12 comments

Today is the promise day. The day that Tumblr deletes all NSFW content from their platform, before they're also deleted from the internet because of the dumb decision they’ve made. I can’t really say that I’m sad since I barely used Tumblr, and never quite understood it (seriously, how the fuck did Tumblr even work? It was so fucking confusing for me). But the internet is vast, and Tumblr isn’t the only place where you can follow your favorite NSFW artists, you could  always follow their Twitters. Here’s are few of them:








Also, there’s a girl who did porn audios on Tumblr and she did a Kurapika audio! You don’t find anime audios that often! I might get her to do some trap doujins for us :D.

Kurapika audio

Also, here are some good Tumblr death memes for you guys.

Do you think Tumblr will ever allow NSFW content again? Do you think the SJWs are enough to keep Tumblr alive? Would you guys like to hear some trap audio doujins? Tell us in the comments below.