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Three Houses, Three Waifus
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago

Fire Emblem Three Houses has a plethora of waifus to choose from. Every waifu is unique and special in their own way. With so many choices, it’s hard to lock one down as best waifu in the game. But I have a few that I would call my favorites. Each of the three houses have their own selections of baes to pick from, so to make the options easier for me, I’ll separate them by houses.

Black Eagles: Bernadetta

Are as I like to call her, Bernie. Yeah, we’re on a nickname basis. Bernie is a weirdly cute, and disheveled shut in. Her messy look with her awkward personality is definitely something I’m into. I’m not sure if her self degrading nature would get kind of annoying in bed. But if you like treating girls like trash in bed, I’m pretty sure Bernie would a prefect fit for you.

Blue Lions: Mercedes

You have to love those wholesome religious girls. Yeah, depending on how strong her religious beliefs are, it could get annoying. But it’s always hot to see a pure and sweet girl like Mercedes, get on her knees a show off her slutty and lustful side that she’s been suppressing for so long.

Golden Deer: Hilda

She might be lazy and bitchy at times, but Hilda is still a joy to be around. She’s bratty in all the right places, but still cares about you. I don’t want a girl who’s always praising me and tell me how much she loves me. It’s always nice to have a girl you can shit talk with. And the bitcher she is, the better it’s going to be once you break her with your dick.

Now even though their not apart of a house in particular, let’s not forget about the mature and sexy women of Fire Emblem Three Houses. I love Manuela hella milfy body, Shamir cold and straightforward attitude, and Catherine rowdy, but loveable attitude. But if I had to pick a fav, it would have to be Rhea. The thicc church mom herself. She has a voice to soothe the heart, and an ass to soothe my dick. Rhea is def my fav out of the instructors, if not my fav in the whole game. 

Rhea face when someone mention her thicc ass.

And if you want to enjoy some good Fire Emblem Three Houses porn, animator Ylae is working hard on making them come to life. He’s already done a girl for each house, Petra, Mercedes, and Leonie. Now I wonder who will be next? I’ll give you a hint…

Who is your Fire Emblem Three Houses waifu? Do you want more Fire Emblem Three Houses porn? Do you think Rhea has a thicc ass? Tell us in the comments.