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The Saga Continues: Tumblr Flags Allowed Nudity
By Kasaix • 1 year ago

In an attempt to clarify the madness new Tumblr has unleashed, it released a post telling what is left of their userbase that some nudity is allowed. Here's the post itself, so we can get some context. In essence, medial images, like breast exams, and political movements where women bare their chest, are completely allowed. Look, they even made a GIF! (comment below with your preferred pronunciation of that.) 

So, clear enough, right? That's all allowed? Well, then Gizmodo themselves uploaded that very same GIF (let fires consume the comments below), it was flagged.

The very same GIF that the Tumblr staff used was flagged. When they uploaded separate images of that, two out of the four images were flagged. It's all fun and games to poke fun at the fail that Tumblr has become, but I used for the longest time, and it's just sad now. R.I.P. Tumblr. You will be missed. They're just parading your corpse around at this point. This, in addition to flagging SFW art, makes it seem like Tumblr is just done at this point.