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The King of Fighters Beta Was Not Shy Of Fanservice
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 years ago

The King of Fighters (KoF) beta took place last weekend and many players joined in around the world to test out what the latest installment for the series had to offer, myself and Kinky included. Unfortunately I didn’t bother writing about it beforehand because it didn’t really have anything to do with doujins or sexiness, however toward the end of the beta I saw some meme videos praising SNK, the company behind KoF, for their “interesting” camerawork for Dolores. Dolores is a new character in the series and her ass has already made quite the impression.

Recently Arc System Works had some unhappy customers with changes made to I-No that lowered her sex appeal. For example, she used to take her top off and show her back to the camera in older Guilty Gear games while now in Strive that outro was remade completely differently. Personally I’m alright with it, I understand that fighting games are trying to appeal to a wider audience now that the genre is finally getting more of a mainstream spotlight. And a wider audience means less topless girls. Plus I’ve always said that I can’t focus on sexy shit when I’m playing a fighter anyway. Regardless, for those who do enjoy it I’m happy that many were able to appreciate the camera focusing on some fat ass for a bit. 

Now this is all well and good, but if it doesn’t help to enhance the amount of lewd KoF art that will inevitably drop once the game comes out for real next year in February I’ll be a sad man. KoF has had lewd characters included for a long ass time. Mai immediately comes to mind. However, I don’t often see it utilized as much in the porn world .Strive was able to generate a fuckton of lewd content, especially when the Jack-O face down ass up meme took off. Lewd content in a game is mid for me, but outside of the game? When I can actually focus on it? Yessir fill up my glass please, it’s time to sip some of that. Hell I didn’t even mention Shermie and her thighs of death yet. Crossing my fingers the game does well enough to capture the attention of lewd 3D animators. That’s what I really need.

The porn writes itself at this point.

KoF probably won't ever become a series that eats up my time like Strive...or that new League of Legends fighter on the horizon… but new porn is always welcome. Were you able to try out the beta last weekend? Did you notice any fanservice in the game? Are you looking forward to the game, or other fighting games coming up? Shatter your expectations and leave a comment below!