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Tenga Egg Onahole Review
By Yung Namahage • 2 weeks ago

After writing a few articles about Tenga's non-onahole merchandise, I got started to feel curious about their core line of products. I tried out one of their Eggs a while ago, so I thought I'd revisit them and see if they're as good as I remember.


No fancy boxes adorned with lewd anime art here, just a simple plastic egg with a cellophane wrapper, like a Kinder Egg for adults. On the plus side, the minimalist design means you're less likely to end up in an awkward situation if someone found it in your room compared to most onaholes.


Personally, I think those onaholes that look like amputated & distended body parts are a big turn-off, so I can get behind Tenga's design philosophy of not trying to evoke overtly sexual imagery with their products, instead opting for a sleek, sci-fi kinda look. 

Open up the egg and you'll find a sleeve made of the elastomer material Tenga are famous for, with a plastic tube inside that houses a sachet of lube. Not to brag, but I didn't think I'd fit inside a sleeve that small. I was proven wrong; this thing can really stretch! At first it felt like putting on a very thick condom, but with a little adjustment I was good to go.


All Tenga Eggs feature the same basic design and functionality. The difference lies in the textures inside the sleeves. There are two different ranges of Eggs: the standard line and the "hard-boiled" range that features tougher elastomer and more intense textures. I tried one of each: the standard Clicker and the hard-boiled Misty. Clicker has clusters of bumps inside that stimulate the penis from different angles, while Misty has a criss-cross pattern you can feel all around. The firmer sleeve and the better sensations means I preferred Misty out of the two.

Unlike most onaholes, you don't just stick it in and start pumping away; the sleeve stretches over your cock so you can massage yourself with it. This gives you a lot more control over which areas you want to focus on and the techniques you want to use, but the way the sleeve fits over the penis means the glans (head) gets the most attention from the bumps and ridges inside. And the glans is the most sensitive part of the penis, meaning all those 8,000 nerve endings are in for a good time.

Tenga's Eggs are intended for one and done usage. There are plenty of other products to choose from if you're looking for a long-term sex toy, but if you just want to enhance your next JO session you can't go wrong with a Tenga Egg. If you're really desperate, there's nothing stopping you from washing it, getting some more lube and reusing it to your heart's content until the elastomer breaks or wears out. But that's not something I or Tenga would recommend.

Have you guys ever used a Tenga Egg? Would you like to try one after reading about them? Let us know below!