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Tenga Collab With Go Nagai For Onahole Figures in Disguise
By Yung Namahage • 5 months ago • 4 comments

If you've ever looked into buying an onahole before, chances are you've probably come across (maybe even into) one of Tenga's products. This Japanese company is known for their diverse range of male masturbatory aids, including the discreet Egg range, the reversible 3D line and the iconic Tenga Cups. They're a kinda household name in the onahole industry, and even had their own web manga featuring the various toys reimagined as anime girls a few years ago, based on designs by Butcha-U.

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More recently, Tenga released a line of collectible figures based on their famous Cups that transform into one of Japan's other favorite things after anime girls & onaholes: robots! And to commemorate the 74th birthday of Go Nagai, the influential mangaka behind titles such as Devilman, Cutie Honey and Violence Jack, Tenga have announced a pair of transforming figures based on two of Nagai's legendary mecha.

Firsty we have the Mazinger Tenga Robo, based on the titular mech from Nagai's 1972 manga Mazinger Z, which comes (no pun intended) with detachable Jet Scrander wings. There's also a deluxe edition that bundles in a seperate Rocket Punch arm that features its own display stand.

But if you prefer Nagai's later series Getter Robo from 1974 then you're in luck. The Getter Tenga Robo has no deluxe edition, but has its own Getter Tomahawks and Getter Wing Cape.

Despite how they look, Tenga don't recommend using their Tenga Robos in the same way as their other products. By that I mean these figures are for display purposes only and have no holes for onanism, so unfortunately you can't fuck a tiny mecha. For now, at least. But if you're a fan of mecha anime, Go Nagai, and/or masturbating then you'll probably get a kick out of this.

If you want to reserve one of these figures before their release next February then check out the Tenga website here. Both the Mazinger Tenga Robo and the Getter Tenga Robo are priced at ¥4,500 (about $42), with the Mazinger Tenga Robo deluxe edition at ¥6,400 (about $60). What do you think of these figures? Haved you ever used a Tenga onahole before? Would you buy a figure that looks like one but isn't? Drop your thoughts below!