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Tenga Create Sofas For Fapping On
By Yung Namahage • 6 months ago

Other than their innovative sex toys, Tenga are known for their memorable marketing stunts. From collaborating with famous artists such as Keith Haring to releasing licensed mech figures that look like onaholes; Tenga are now coming out with sofas meant to improve your masturbatory experience.

Their latest product line is the Tenga Geo, a range of spherical onaholes that look more like a neat art piece than something you'd stick your dick in. 

To promote their new products, Tenga have created a number of sofas featuring their trademark tactile technology. Like the insides of their onaholes, these sofas are soft, malleable and stretchy; their unique texture is meant to increase the pleasure gained from other Tenga products.

But unlike their onaholes, getting your hands on a Tenga sofa isn't exactly easy. Only three will be made and they aren't coming to stores, instead they'll be given out to three random people who retweet a promotional tweet from Tenga's Twitter page. So if you're in Japan, need a beanbag specifically made to be sat on when you're beating off and you're over high school age, try your luck and retweet here for your chance to win.

What do you think of the new Tenga products? Have you used one of their onaholes before? Would you get a sofa/beanbag to enhance your solo sex life? Drop your thoughts below!