Sweet Dream Succubus' is a Mystery Eroge That Needs Crowd Funding
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Eroge is a Japanese pornographic video game. But nowadays the original definition of eroge seems to have become blurred, since recently many western creators have been dipping their wet little toes into the eroge game development scene with the help of services such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon. One of those talented creators is known as Doxy.

At first he Doxy only worked on his erotic arts and comics. However, he has now ventured out and put his beautiful and luscious art into a new medium: video games. He has already developed games such as Sexena, Jenni: Wrong Number, A Night With Angel (My personal favorite just because traps don’t get enough love) and an erotic Undertale parody appropriately named Uddertale. Now, after working and honing his skills on all those games, he is transitioning into his next major project Sweet Dream Succubus.

I know it’s a guy but come on! Who wouldn’t want to fuck that ass!

(From A Night With Angel)

Sweet Dream Succubus is an interactive visual novel with erotic and mystery elements thrown into the mix, while featuring the lovely and voluptuous Swimsuit Succubus as its main heroine. (Her real life image can be seen to your right. No need to thank me, just doing my job.) You as the main character navigate through your daily life, trying to avoid the sexual taunts and advancements of the seductive succubus. Which to me sounds like a hell of a hard thing to do. Have you seen the picture to the right?! How can I say no to those advancements?! With the combined strength of Doxy’s beautiful art and Swimsuit Succubus’s gorgeous figure, you can be sure that the character design and sex time will deliver.

Her motto is “No Nudes, Just Lewds” which sounds disappointing at first. But when I saw the lewds I didn’t really need the nudes.

When you don’t even need to look for the sexy character portrait.

The project is asking for a generous donation of $6,000. The project has already undergone significant development, but is still in need of funding for other assets. And if by chance they succeed over their limits, they plan to add things such as voice acting, custom music, and animation. Not many western eroges are voiced so it would be a real treat if Doxy was able to implement that into the final product.

People who back the project are sure to get rewards such as access to the game development process, game art, a keychain, a Swimsuit Succubus acrylic standee…(gulp!) and much more.Doxy has plans to release the game for free and add additions for backers. I hope the project capitalizes on its potential and morphs into something fun for the whole family.

Do you come with the package too?

Here is a quick tralier of the game.

Do you plan on supporting? Do you plan on playing the game when it's release? Is Swimsuit Succubus hot for a 3D girl? Tell us in the comments below.