Nyanderful Pure Tale - Catgirl Ero RPG
By Kasaix • 3 months ago • 2 comments

I realized I haven't seen much catgirl stuff in a long while. It's a classic trope, some of my earliest faps were to catgirls. I was glad to come across this gem of an eroge by Doushin Chaya: Nyanderful Pure Tale ~Sex Life with a Cat Girl~. By their own account, it'll only take about two hours to run through the whole thing, so a bite-sized catgirl adventure.

Beautiful. Now, what does the game have to say for itself?


Long ago in a land in the far east...
The age of katana's had come to an end, and times were changing...
In a certain town there was a sudden influx of youkai.

Though the youkai had been the source of pranks,
they were treated more like pests and were accepted by the people.

One man lived an unassuming life here, but one morning he awoke
to find a cat-eared/tailed youkai girl in his home.

He tried to shoo her away but she was awfully attached to him.
Little did he know that the two of them would end up changing the town.

[H Scenes]
15 base CG
26 H scenes
The magic that the heroine uses during battle is replenished with semen!
During battle, at home, or even outdoors!? Enjoy playing these H scenes!

[Estimated Playtime]
Approx. 1~2 hours

[Interaction with the Heroine]
Have conversations with the heroine, have sex.... enjoy living together!

Help the troubled town's people with the help of the heroine!

Scenario: Erumu
Illustration: shuu
Twitter: @x_shuu / Pixiv: id=38534