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Enjoy Sexy Tiff in Tight Fantasy
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago

Final Fantasy 7 is coming back in all kinds of ways. First the remake, second with an audio doujin, and now with a sexy 3D animation. I’m so happy that Final Fantasy 7 coming back is giving us all this amazing smutty material. And the 3D animation Tight Fantasy by Amustevenx is just that. Here’s a summary:

Amusteven is back with another 3D animated porn parody: Tight Fantasy! The story begins with Tiff, a busty bartender who’s been waiting all day for her boyfriend Claudio to return from one of his mercenary missions. In anticipation of Claudio’s arrival, Tiff has ditched her bra and poured a glass of wine. But when another man — Claudio’s best friend Barry — walks in, her night goes differently than expected.

In this 14-minute animation you’ll see Tiff bent over and fucked against the bar, riding cowgirl, and spreading eagle on the pool table. If you’ve never seen Amusteven’s work before, Tiff’s massive, jiggling tits and puffy, pink pussy are a great place to start. Get Tight Fantasy now!

Yeah, you heard that right. 14 minutes of Tiff getting fucked hard by Barry’s huge dick. (We all know they're supposed to be ;P). The animation was great and smooth, and with the added voice acting and dialogue, brough the product that much more to life.  You get great shots and angles of Tifa-I mean, Tiff’s ass and tits. The anal scene had to be my favorite. Tiff on her back, getting a huge dick rammed up her ass. Sign me up. And the outfit Tiff wears throughout this video, a slutty version of her original attire, great design choice. But don’t worry, if clothes aren’t your thing, there’s an alternate naked version which gives Tiff tan-line and hair in all the right places. 

If you want to check this video out, you can purchase it for $18.00 on Affect3DStore.

Are you going to check out Tight Fantasy? Are you happy for all the new Final Fantasy porn? Who’s hotter, slutty outfit Tiff, or hairy tan-line Tiff? Tell us in the comments.