ShindoL: Rape Artist by Day, Hero by Night
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A face only a mother could love.

“I am not a crook, just a rapist.” -Richard M. Nixon

Today we’ll be talking about the creative mind that brought you such great works as TSF Monogatari and Emergence. His works have received praise with high regards by various sources, such as “That was fucked up…am I fucked up?” - fkboy11, “Not enough rape 0/10” - IGN, and “This was a very sweet story” - Yes, the man I’m talking about is none other than ShindoL.

ShindoL is a very well-known artist in the world of hentai. Even if you’ve never heard of him, you have most likely ran across some of his works, like the two pieces aforementioned. Born and raised in Queens, NY, he moved to Tokyo in 2006 to work in the adult manga industry. He is the sole member of the doujin-publishing circle Da Hootch, even though in the past he had an off and on female assistant, Ogawa Burukku.  You may think that ShindoL is a serial rapist who abuses women and enjoys watching them being fucked by rabid dogs because of the material he writes, and hey…you might not be wrong? But when he is not enjoying his sexy rape fantasies, he is but a simple man who enjoys gardening, cooking, and video games. He also enjoys western media such as Rick and Morty and Game of Thrones. Oh, he also has this weird fetish to draw american presidents as his profile picture…I don’t know why, either?

ShindoL has been working in the hentai industry for years now and it shows. The multitude of solo doujins and mangas he has pumped out and collaborative works he’s done with other companies and people speaks for itself. His enjoyment for video games can be seen within his doujins, such as the Dragon Quest series. But with most of his works, you can see a clear theme start to appear. The subjects that ShindoL seem to enjoy tackling are rape, bestiality, mind break, drug usage, and those sweet ahegao faces. The best way to describe most of ShindoL’s works is despair porn, but don’t let that word scare you, it’s the good kinda despair porn. He has also worked alongside visual novel companies such as Black Lilith who made Monsters Survive - If You Lose, the Monsters Impregnate You and Market for Prisoners of War who made Elven Female Officers Caught in a Trap as the artist. His manga, TSF Monogatari, got a two episode hentai OVA adaptation which was truly my first introduction to ShindoL and all his…dare I say, wonderful content? Now we can only pray that Emergence gets its own hentai OVA, am I right guys…

Once something you created starts generating memes and girls start to cosplay as the deprived characters that you've made, you know you’ve become successful in life.


ShindoL is currently working himself to the bone on a tankobon called The Pink Album and a HRPG on his own. You can support his slaving endeavors by heading over to his patreon.

Here is a list of manga and games ShindoL has worked on:


ShindoL's Cultural Anthropology

TSF Monogatari

Sarashi Ai


Monsters Survive - If You Lose, the Monsters Impregnate You

Market for Prisoners of War - Elven Female Officers Caught in a Trap

And of course here's three selected works from ShindoL that I'd like to recommend checking out:

ShindoL doesn’t always write vanilla stories, but when he does it’s the best shit in the game. But since it’s ShindoL, it can’t just be your average, run-of-the-mill, vanilla ice cream, oh hell no! My boy has to add a little bit of sprinkles into the mix, and when I say sprinkles, I mean that the story revolves around an amputee girl. This sounds weird at first, and is still weird after reading it, but it does a great job of hitting you with the feels and cuteness. Now that’s a refreshing change from the usual despair porn that we’re accustomed to.

Now this one’s an old classic that doesn’t need any introduction, but I’ll give it one anyway. The story revolves around a high school boy who has a life-threatening illness. Luckily for him, a miraculous scientific procedure saved his life at the cost of some side effects. Those side effects may include but are not limited to: growing boobs, replacing his dick with a vagina, dat ass, and every other sexual trait a woman has. If you are into genderbend stories, then this is a must read.

Maybe not a crowd favorite, but this one also holds a special place in my heart. If you always wanted a loudmouth girlfriend who treats you like shit and kicks you around like the garbage you are, then this is one you’ll surely find entertaining. The sequel produced for this doujin elevated the series for me. In it, the girlfriend’s mom goes under the table to give the boyfriend a good sloppy blowjob. It awakened a fetish I never knew I had, the “Madam, please suck my dick under a table while no one’s the wiser” fetish. So even though that amazingness isn’t present in this story, it’s the best by proxy. Overall the original is still a great fap.

You can check the ones I suggested and ShindoL's other works here.

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