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Bigger is Better in these Doujins
By Kasaix • 2 years ago • 2 comments


When it comes to cup sizes, people have a variety of preferences. The argument between plot vs. justice will continue to rage, and we all benefit from the art and memes that come from it. Well, we're shining a light on the 'plot' side of the argument this time. Yes, bodacious girls with gravity-defying boobs will be having fun in the following hentai manga, and we hope you enjoy them. If we've left any of your favorites out, or you found new favorites to enjoy, let us know in the comments below.

1. Cooking Fucka by otochichi 

A guy gets shot down by a pretty girl he liked, and is wrangled by his mother to help with a wives' cooking club. He quickly gets over the rejection by having sex with each of the busty wives.


2. Succubi's Supporter! by Fue

 A guy is down on his luck when it comes to work. He gets a new job offer to support succubi, which means to have sex with a number of sexy demon girls. He gladly accepts.

3. Rika's Laboratory by Takurou 

 A student is recruited into a science club by a crazy, and hot, club manager. Using different types of drugs leads to different types of kinky action. If this is what science is, I'm finding the nearest lab and signing up.

4. Tomo Haha by Kai Hiroyuki

Lots of sweet unrelated stories with hot older women seducing younger men.

5. Educational Guidance by Suruga Kuroitsu 

 A gyaru and disipline comittee member argue frequently due to the gyaru girl's style. This culminates in the power of love (and boners) turning the gyaru into a proper girl.

6. Abstinence Club  by Michiking

A busty girl goes to her teacher with the unique problem of having too big of a bust. He offers to help her stay away from temptation by practicing having sex with her. 


7. The Older Sister Experience for a Week by Michiking

 A guy has a poor relationship with his three sexy younger sisters. After unintentionally using a program to make it seem like he's become younger, he and his sisters have a more loving relationship.

8. Otome Gokoro by Warashibe

Various stories of busty girls having sex, starting with a guy carrying on a relationship with his girlfriend's younger sister, drawn together because his girlfriend doesn't have much stamina in the bedroom.