Naruto Confusing Boys at a Young Age
By ImJustThatKinky • 9 months ago • 19 comments

Girls are hot, that’s just a fact. We all love and want to be with a girl (unless you’re gay or a straight female), that’s a fact. And we all think Naruto is a loud mouth, annoying, brat, that’s a fact. But no matter how annoying Naruto maybe, when he uses his sexy jutsu technique, he becomes the sexy little fox girl of every man’s fantasies.

I started watching Naruto at a young age, sometime in middle school I think. At that time, I still didn’t really understand girls all that much, but I knew they were hot and made my little dick hard, so when I first watched Naruto, my world was flipped turned upside down. The first introduction to Naruto in episode 1 was him turning into a voluptuous female woman, who was barely covered up by thin clouds of smoke. At that time, I didn’t really care that it was a dude, all I knew is that he/she was hot and I wanted her.

Never forget the first anime boner you ever popped.

It’s kind of weird when you think about it really though. Naruto was 12 at the time, and he used that technique on adults. He might had the body of a 21 year old woman but it was still a 12 year old boy inside that body, so would that still be consider pedophiloa? Also, Naruto is over here teaching Konohamaru the sexy jutsu also, who is even younger! I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I support Naruto’s underage teaching of early sex ed, but it’s weird how I never really looked at it that way at first.

If you're going to learn from anyone, atleast learn from the best.

And don’t think Naruto and Konohamaru are the only ones who knows the value and strength of the sexy jutsu, Kakashi and Sasuke also used the technique once. In Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2, you could use Sasuke and Kakashi Sharingans to copy people techniques, and if you copy Naruto, they’ll be able to use is sexy jutsu against him.

Kill, fuck, marry.

Naruto sexy jutsu was shown to so many young boys at the time and I’m still surprised it was able to get away with something like that on American TV. Still, I praise the Naruto sexy jutsu, for showing me that I’m totally into fucking a dude if he turned into a hot girl. Thank you Naruto for confusing my middle school boner.

When did you first watch Naruto? How did you feel about seeing Naruto’s sexy jutsu for the first time? Would you fuck sexy jutsu Naruto? Tell us in the comments below.