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Drop The Crack, Drop The Politics
By WakeUpSnooze • 5 months ago • 16 comments

Ay baby, we’re back. Listen, I’m not happy about this being another Carole and Tuesday article so soon to my last one either. You guys are gonna start thinking I’m a shill for the show or something. Rest assured, as a blogger you just get unlucky with the turn of events sometimes. You can’t control when the news releases. So what’s up this time?

This week’s episode of Carole and Tuesday featured a segment that was an animated rap video from a new character, Ezekiel. The song was performed by a popular rapper here in America, Denzel Curry. Curry showed an interest in poetry as early as elementary school and began working on music in 2011. He’s been releasing material ever since and has now entered the anime game with this latest contribution. Check it out for yourself below.

Drop the crack ayyyy Start a riot ayyy Flood the planet ayyy...sorry what was this shitty article about?

First of all, hell yes this was fire in my eyes. This shit was fun as fuck to watch. Styling the animation to reflect a modern rap video was so cool to see. The lyrics captured the aggressive nature of Ezekiel’s character while avoiding so much typical rap language that would feel out of place for C&T. Furthermore even though the rap does stay away from said harsher language, it doesn’t sound cory as fuck like a fair amount of anime raps do. So… what’s the problem?

The rap video’s debut was in the midst of the current arc in Carole and Tuesday… the political arc. And people aren’t happy. A quick glance at the recent reviews on MyAnimeList shows that watchers are getting fed up with the politics in the show for a variety of reasons. As a watcher myself, I have to agree. Personally, I don’t mind the anime adding politics at all. The show’s main focus is music, and can anyone really deny that music plays a role in politics and vice versa? However, problems arise when you handle it like shit. Politics in Carole and Tuesday seem like an afterthought. No effects from the politics are seen on the characters until they’re needed. For context, people now live on Mars and Earth and the anime takes place on Mars. Recently, as you may have gathered from the rap, immigrants from Earth are receiving harsh treatment on Mars and are being discriminated against, harassed, and deported. Well, I’m told anyway. You never see it in the anime. Carole herself is a refugee from Earth, and yet for the course of the runtime we’ve never seen her be held back or otherwise negatively affected by her immigrant status. And she’s famous now in the damn show! If this was built up then sure, but as it is Ezekiel’s rap (awesome as it is) feels like a call to address a threat that the viewers haven’t witnessed.

Roddy's hearing the rap, but C&T are hearing those politics.

Ultimately there were so many themes and messages that Carole and Tuesday could of explored considering their already HUGE tags of music and sci-fi. I mean, throw in some character development and those two areas right there should carry you to twenty-four episodes. Alas we’ve now thrown very shallow, underdeveloped takes on politics into the mix, resulting in a show that doesn’t adequately address the political OR sci-fi elements. At least the songs still bump.

Are you okay with politics being included in anime in any capacity? Are you watching Carole And Tuesday? Crash the server with your comments below.