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Say Hello To Summer Anime 2020
By WakeUpSnooze • 4 weeks ago

It’s a new season of anime baby, but don’t get too excited. The Rona is in full effect and the pickings for this season make it look like a damn summer drought unless you’re watching a bunch of the season two stuff. Still, you gotta appreciate what you get so I’m here today to give some initial impressions of the anime I’m watching as well to hear what you guys are into. Let’s start the round up.

Fire Force Season 2

What anime could be more appropriate for summer than Fire Force? Shinra and friends are back and ready to turn up the heat with hopefully more wild fights. So far I’ve seen the first two episodes of the new season and they seem to be holding on to all the shit that made season one hype: action and animation that’s clean, great sound design, and some bangers in the OST. Then again, the comedy is still as shit as...I mean it’s still not exactly my cup of tea. Regardless I’m ready to continue the journey and see what this installment has to offer.

Re: Zero Season 2

Re: Zero is an anime that I have watched. It was about a guy who dies a lot. That is what happened when I watched it. I remember when Emilia confessed to Rem, and it made a lot of people angry. That was crazy, and I’m glad I watched it cause that happened. Please do not tell me to watch season 2, because of course I’m watching it just like I watched the first season.

The God of Highschool

“No!!! You can’t just make an anime out of people fighting in a tournament!! That’s dumb as hell” they said. “Haha anime people go punch punch brrrr” I replied tastefully. This might be my most anticipated anime of the season. I have no clue what’s about to happen but the first episode was a wild ride and we’re already popping the hell off and getting into some action. I almost forgot this shit was a Webtoon until I realized all the names were Korean in the subtitles. People said the story is a one season wonder and it goes downhill after that so I’m simply here to enjoy the ride. Whether or not I’ll be interested in a season 2 will be up to how this one shapes up and wraps up.


This show is probably gonna be shit. I mean, just look at it. I already covered the premise in a previous article talking about the subject though after watching the first episode I’m not sure where it’s gonna go. It’s like the guy already learned his entire life lesson in the first twenty minutes. What is left? The first episode ends on a cliffhanger that has me worried this is going to be a classic case of “Premise that’s simply an excuse to make characters fall into steamy situations”. I’ll keep watching for a bit longer before making a call, but please feel free to leave any reasons why I should instantly drop it now or power through to the amazing twist that I simply can’t miss that should happen around episode 10.

No Guns Life Season 2

This is a pretty lukewarm anime for me. It’s not bad or anything and I really like the main character gunhead man (somehow) however it’s not something I’m DYING to watch everytime it comes out. I am thankful though that season 2 launched us directly back into the action and got things moving rapidly. But really, enough about the show, go watch that GODDAMN ENDING BABY YESSSIR!!!! I’m calling it now, nothing will top that shit this season. It has a full animated fight, a banger song, AND Mary twerking that THICC ASS on my screen? Good luck topping that.

It’s not a lot, but it’s honest work to keep up with seasonal anime. My list is a bit thin this time around, so if you guys have some recommendations feel free to let me know. No shit though, all I want to hear is “Ya gotta watch THIS one Snooze! The side girl actually comes OUT of the screen and sucks your dick!!! And that’s only episode three!” What anime are you picking up this season? Which ones are you skipping? Say hello to summer anime in the comments below!