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Would You Rent A Girlfriend?
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 month ago

You may be wondering “what the fuck inspired you to ask that question Snooze”, and well I’ll tell ya. There I am, minding my own business when the news is presented to me that there will be a special anime airing this upcoming summer season. That’s right, bitches. It’s time to see a main character just as pathetic as I am break down and rent a girlfriend. The anime Rent-A-Girlfriend will be doing just that, telling the story of a boy who enlists the services of a girl to pretend to be his girlfriend after a bad breakup. It’s not planning to air until July 10th, but I wanted to go ahead and talk about it for one simple reason: this is not a fantasy concept. 

I had completely forgotten about it until this anime announcement, but in fact there are plenty of services like this in Japan. My first encounter with them was when I saw a Conan segment where he went to Japan and rented an entire fucking family for the day. It certainly made for an interesting goof I’ll give it that. During the bit, it was explained that these companies rent out employees to serve as pretend family members to fight off loneliness, and I’m confident that the girlfriend renting services are going for a similar vibe. Now here’s my question: would anyone actually enjoy doing this?

Damn, maybe I should of held onto this article until Christmas.

Renting a girlfriend seems like a recipe for disaster from Day 1. First of all, what the fuck am I paying for? I doubt you can fuck the girl (and if this is a hypothetical in America you definitely couldn’t legally), so you just spend the day walking around, maybe grabbing dinner somewhere, or watching a movie? How is that gonna help? If anything I think I’d feel more lonely because I spent the whole day getting to know someone who I know is only listening to me because I paid them. Now that’s depressing. I don’t know about you guys, but the whole experience would serve as one big reminder of my lack of social skills and make me want to kill myself. On top of all that, even if somehow it’s not an awkward experience and you forget about how pathetic it is so you can have fun, the fuck do you do if you actually like her? After all you’re simply paying for a fake emotional connection, it’s unlikely she’ll think you’re so absolutely amazing that she should quit her job and get with you for real. The whole thing seems like a waste of time and money that leads nowhere and does nothing to solve an individual’s loneliness problem in the long term. Perhaps there’s something I’m not seeing that you guys can address.

"Don't worry, texting is only $1.00 a message Baka!"

Would you rent a girlfriend or boyfriend? If so, how much could you stand to pay for it? Have you heard about these services? Rent a commenter to leave one for you below!