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Sad News for Zero G Academy
By ImJustThatKinky • 10 months ago • 3 comments

You don’t always hear Patreon success stories like Summertime Saga and Future Fragments, sometimes you here the sadder stories like the one I’m talking about today. An adult visual novel that I was following called Zero G Academy has finally been abandon. After 3 years of pumping out updates with not the most grandest of profit coming to their Patreon, the team has decide to close the project. Here is a statement from one of the members about the problems of the project:

But there have been numerous issues in the development of this game. We’re going to be open and honest about them like we have been in the past.

  1. Jay hurt has hands when doing backgrounds and needed surgery.
  2. Jay had to take care of a family emergency for a long period of time.
  3. Previous coder leaving for a job and having to wait for Poetsirrah to be ready to join.
  4. Noce going back to school.
  5. Poetsirrah getting down in the dumps.
  6. Jay getting a job.

The deeper issue is threefold. The size of the game’s project is simply too big. With increasing restrictions on time and resources, the original vision of the game which was vague is not possible to reach. There were attempts at organization and planning for the game, but at the end of the day it’s a series of relatively unconnected plots coming in installments that lacked a lot of writing and had issues with being written. The idea of wandering about a space station that was empty and having to commit to a map in your head was too much and removed for systems that still failed to seal the deal on other areas of experiences. The game we were making was ultimately too big, too much art, and not enough direction. It lacked choices or gameplay expected in other VN titles. We had to change how poses worked because the animated ones were no worth the art time as well. The animated content scenes are and were though.

The concept of the game was great. It had a lot of different alien babes for people to choose from, with all kinds of different features that might tickle someone’s fancies. You had a giant woman, a woman with three tits, the dominant muscle woman, and many more.

But I guess that wasn’t enough to make people want to donate. I have to say, when I played the game, even though the concept was great, it didn’t keep my interest. Like I said, the scenes are the reward for most of these games, so when the sex scenes are bad, then it’s pretty much dead in the water for me, which it’s safe to say, that the scenes in this did nothing for me. But the team hasn’t give up completely and have stated to want to start on a more smaller project, so let’s see will that one be more fruitful than this one.

Did you play Zero G Academy? Why are some games instant hits while others aren’t? Do you like alien babes? Tell us in the comments below.