Ruby's Workout Regime Get's Real
By ImJustThatKinky • 9 months ago • 11 comments

Now I know I’ve been getting alot (well not alot but a few) of shit for posting articles about things like this. I’m not sure why, when all I’m doing is showing people girls who are making their anime waifus real and in porn form, but if people really want me to stop after this one then I will. I’m sorry guys, I’m not trying to write shit articles on purpose, honest…

It's not my fault I was born stupid. You meanies.

JLullaby is the GOAT when it comes to drawing RWBY porn. I haven’t found anyone that I like better. One of his most noticeable and popular RWBY works would have to be Ruby’s Workout Regime. With thicc Ruby getting a pounding from two huge cocks, it’s a joy that even your mother could enjoy. So I was extremely happy when I heard that Microkitty, the GOAT of RWBY cosplays, said she’ll be doing a Ruby’s Workout Regime cosplay. And she didn’t stop there, she even made a video with said cosplay.

The video features topless nudity, blow jobs and hand jobs with dildos and tons of fake cum! Sadly, it’s not a complete recreation of the comic but it’s the closes we may ever get damn it! So I’ll take it. The video can be purchased on MANYVIDS for $30.99 (someone got mad at me for not saying that it was something you had to pay for, I don’t know why but my bad) Now let’s hope that someone go all the way and recreate this amazing comic. Someone has to finish it.

It maybe a challenge for someone to do this, but it's a challenge I'm willing to pay for.

Are you a fan of Ruby's Workout Regime? Is thicc Ruby, best Ruby? Am I really that shitty of a blogger...(please say yes, I'm a masochist)? Tell us in the comments below.