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Not a Sequel, But a The World Ends With You Anime Announced
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 week ago

The world has slowly been ending with the coronavirus spreading and getting everyone sick, but at least it wasn’t ending with you. Now that was a good one. People have been waiting and rumoring about something new coming from TWEWY or The World Ends With You. The thing that everyone was hoping one day would come is a sequel to this beloved series. Well, they didn’t get that. When something big finally got announced for TWEWY, it was an anime adaptation of the game. And a stylish one at that.

Now this might not be the sequel that most fans asked for, but hopefully it’s a close second. The anime adaption stays true to TWEWY’s jagged and bold art style which I’m sure many of fans are grateful for. This anime at least shows the fan that Square Enix hasn’t forgotten the property yet, and that the ending of the anime could lead into a teaser for the second game. And with all new anime adaptations, I got to ask. Will we finally be getting some TWEWY doujins?

Are you excited for the TWEWY anime? Would you rather a sequel to the first game? Would you like to see some TWEWY doujins? Tell us in the comments.