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No More Sousou no Frieren Doujins?!
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 weeks ago

Is this a sad day for Frieren fans? Or more importantly, horny Frieren fans? It’s been announced that the publisher of the Frieren manga has sent a cease and desist order to FANZA, a Japanese doujinshi website, that sells 18+ doujins.

Now in all honesty, what does that mean for us? How many other places will get hit by this? Does this only affect 18+ doujin store fronts and websites? Would this affect the people at Comiket, who sell these kinds of things at their own personal booths? Will be affected by this change? All that is yet to be revealed. But, luckily, this will not affect all the hot Frieren porn we get to see on Twitter and Rule 34.

So all isn’t lost, but it’s sad knowing that we might not get full on, long doujin form Frieren content if this rule gets into effect completely. 

Would you miss Frieren doujins? Do you think this is going to have a huge effect? Do you enjoy Frieren porn? Tell us in the comments.