Bea is the Bae
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 9 comments

Well, Pokemon Sword and Shield won’t quit with the waifus. They’re just determined to make this kid game into an adult game. And with new girl Bea, or as I like to call her, Bae (hehehe, get it) I think I found my true Pokemon Sword and Shield waifu. She has that good tan skin, with the short gray hair, stone bitch face, and that black skin tight bodysuit which help define her abs, ass, and pussy. If Mr. Obvious doesn’t consider this girl the best waifu of Sword and Shield, I’ll have to take away his “I like tomboy girls who smell and sweat a lot” card back.

“Oh no! They’ve whitewashed Bea!”

“, they just drew her without coloring it.”

“No, this is obviously whitewashing! Look at her white skin!”


Now that we have lewded the tomboy, it’s time to lewd the secretary.

Is Bea your new Pokemon Sword and Shield waifu?  Are these the best female character designs that Pokemon have had in awhile? Do you think more hot waifus will come out of Pokemon Sword and Shield? Tell us in the comments.