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New Thicc Waifu in Shonen Jump’s New Series Undead Unluck
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago

A series called Undead Unluck just dropped today and I decided to check it out. Now you might be wondering, why the fuck did I even check this series out. Well my good sir, there was only one thing that I saw that made me interested in this series. And it was the main female characters thighs.

Girl legs lookin hella thicc.

But since I was writing this article, I figured I should at least give it a read. The story follows two people, the unlucky one, Fuuko Izumo, and the undead one, Andy. Fuuko has terrible bad luck that affects whoever touches her, while Andy is an undead who wants to experience the most EPIC of deaths. The lewd and dirtiness ensues when you learn that the only way to activate her unlucky curse is by touching her skin physically, which includes a lot of groping from Andy.

This might bring up some controversy if this series gets big.

So if you’re into ecchi content, and off the wall crazy shit happening, then this is a series you may enjoy. I know I’m not going to continue reading this manga, since I don’t really have the time nowadays, but if this gets an anime adaptation, I’ll definitely be hitting it up.

Yes, that is his dick.

But let’s talk about the unlucky bae herself, Fuuko Izumo. I hope her unlucky ability doesn’t activate in the real world, cause I would love to see a doujin of her. Could be interesting, and she’s a short little thiccy that needs to be lewd. But that all depends on how long this series last.

She's nervous cause she knows she's about to get lewded, and he's happy because he knows she's about to be lewded.

You can read the Undead Unluck on VIZ Media.

Have you read Undead Unluck? Do you think Fuuko is hot? Do you think this series will last? Tell us in the comments.