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Gaw Gaw! Imouto Security is Being Animated!
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago • 7 comments

Yes, you read the title right. The loli doujin Gaw Gaw! Imouto Security by Yam! is being animated. Funny thing is, this isn’t being animated by a hentai studio like Pink Pineapple or Queen Bee, but by one NSFW artist that goes by the name The Great Plague.

Plague is a fan of lolis, so he wanted to show his love by animating one of his favorite hentai artist Yam’s doujin. Plague has tweeted out a WIP version of the animation, which is 8 minutes long. The concept video for the animation already shows promise and even includes English voice acting, and not that bad English voice acting you usually hear in hentai.

I’ll definitely be keeping up with Plague’s work and progress on this project. The project is said to be a year in the makings which is to be expected with it being a one man team, but it’s still sad to hear. But if you want, you can help and support Plague on at his SubscribeStar.


Do you like loli content? Would you like to see this animation completed? What do you think about Yam’s artstyle? Tell us in the comments below.